How to perfectly pack your carry-on essentials!

Handbag/Canvas Weekender Bag/Panama Hat

Hey ladies! It’s Anna again from Fash Boulevard. As someone who spends the year bouncing between the west and east coast, I’ve experienced my fair share of travel horror stories. When you’re crammed aboard a claustrophobic metal tube with 300+ strangers, you’re bound to experience some pretty memorable seatmates. Still, with the right headphones and entertainment, even the worst elbow buddy becomes bearable. After all, it’s only for a few hours. But what about the not-so-rare headache that can sometimes occur after the flight? Let’s just say that arriving at your destination only to learn that the airport has temporarily lost your luggage is a total vacation buzzkill. This particular situation left me without luggage for one unforgettable spring break. Luckily, I had my laptop and camera on me. Unluckily, neither of them doubled as great PJ’s or a curling iron. So, I smartened up and mapped out a list of carry-on essentials that extends far beyond the required travel necessities to help ensure I’m well prepared in case lightening ever strikes twice.

Without further ado, here is my list of carry-on travel essentials…

Beauty Bag:

Anna of Fash Boulevard is teaching us how to pack our beauty bags {the right way!}

Makeup Bag/Glitter Nail File/Glitter Hair Ties

I like to pack my makeup must-haves in my carry-on and leave my full sized beauty products in my checked luggage. When you are packing, be mindful that your liquid beauty products are the TSA-friendly size of 3.4 ounces or smaller. And, to help speed up the dreaded security check, consolidate your liquids into a clear plastic bag before leaving home.

Packing list: Eye liner, mascara, hair bands, hair brush, tooth brush, tooth paste, foundation, makeup sponge/applicator, powder, blush, tissues, nail file, Q-tips, eye shadow, hand sanitizer, chap stick, prescriptions, over-the-counter medicines, face wash, Band-Aids, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner.

Claim it & protect it:

How to travel in style {and protect your valuables in the process}

Luggage Tag/Monogrammed Sunglasses/Sunglasses Case/Passport Holder

Things can get hectic during the race to deplane. So, it’s important to keep a tag on your to ensure your belongings will get back to you in case of a mix up. Protect your passport and sunglasses in style with super cute fashion covers.

Packing list: Luggage tag, passport cover, sunglasses case, and sunglasses


The perfectly packed carry-on starts here {Tips by Anna James of Fash Boulevard}

If you’re an over-packer like myself, pack a comfy outfit in your carry-on that could be worn multiple times in case your luggage gets lost. I suggest a semi-casual dress, pajamas, comfy shorts, t-shirt, a raincoat and a bathing suit, depending on your destination.

Packing list: Shorts, t-shirt, dress, rain coat/umbrella, bathing suit, pajamas, and undergarments

In-Flight Entertainment:

In flight entertainment anyone?

Headphones/Phone Case/Monogrammed Charger/Mobile Phone Battery

With our inability to unplug these days, some would argue that their beloved tech necessities are the most important carry-on essential. The right music playlist or a good book can drown out the sea of snoring, sneezing and obnoxious pre-party-vacationers during your flight.

Packing list: Laptop, computer charger, iPad, notebook, pen/pencils, phone, phone charger, headphones, mobile phone battery, book, and magazine

Misc. Essentials:

Learn how to pack the right way with us today on!

Water Bottle/Jewelry Roll/Spare Pair Shoe Bag/Jeweled Sandals

I always bring an empty water bottle so that I can refill it throughout my travel day. It’s important to stay hydrated when traveling to stave off jetlag. Drink mixes and trail mix help to keep my taste buds satisfied while in the air. And for overnight flights, I like to pack a contoured eye mask, to prevent makeup smears. Deplaning with an unfortunate case of raccoon-eyes is never a great way to kick off a vacay.

Packing list: Empty water bottle, jewelry roll, drink mix, snacks, contoured sleep mask, straightener, curling iron, spare pair of shoes, hand lotion, and socks

Anna James of Fash Boulevard is a pro when it comes to the perfectly packed carry-on!

What are some carry-on items that you can’t travel without?

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