As summer continues to heat up, our newest obsession takes our love for trends like donuts, flamingos, and flowers to a whole new level. Inflatable pool floats are taking backyards and resort pools by storm, and we’re ready to join in on the fun. With pool parties and weekend sunbathing in mind, we decided to round up a few of the coolest inflatable pool floats we could find. So, the next time you and your gal pals plan on catching rays by the pool (cocktails included, we hope), consider bringing one of these oversized floats with you…

Urban Outfitters Flamingo Pool Float

Flamingo Pool Float, $55

FUNBOY Pegasus Pool Float

Pegasus Pool Float, $89

Urban Outfitters Swan Pool Float

Swan Pool Float, $55

Amazon Flip Flop Pool Float

Flip Flop Pool Float, $20.99

Toysplash Pizza Slice Pool Float

Pizza Slice Pool Float, $32.99

Target Giant Donut Pool Float

Donut Pool Float, $15.49

Urban Outfitters Watermelon Slice Pool Float

Watermelon Slice Pool Float, $46

Amazon Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float

Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float, $37.39

Urban Outfitters Sunflower Pool Float

Sunflower Pool Float, $46

Amazon Inflatable Flamingo Coasters

Inflatable Pink Flamingo Coasters, $14.49

Which of these floats can we expect to find in your pool this summer?

We think any one of these would be a ton of fun, but let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

XO Team LC

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Photo: instagram via @alineentertainment