Lauren Conrad's Signature Wedding Cocktail - Apple of My Eye

I absolutely love the way couples make their weddings so personalized and special nowadays. It seems like almost every wedding I’ve attended lately has been full of unique touches that the bride and groom chose themselves. I think these little details show guests how much the ceremony and reception are a true reflection of the couple and their relationship. William and I made a point of having an arrow and apple theme at our wedding (read the story here). I felt that it made our day extra special.

One of the details we had a lot of fun with was creating our two signature wedding cocktails to serve to our guests, along with beer and wine. We decided on a Ketel One-spiked lemonade and a brandy-and-hard cider concoction called “Apple of My Eye,” to go along with our apple theme. I know a lot of couples are creating signature drinks at their weddings too, so today I thought I’d give a few ideas that can help a bride-to-be come up with a lovely libation for her big day…

1. Make it nostalgic.
Thinking back on all of your fond memories as a couple is a great place to start when dreaming up your signature wedding cocktail. Maybe it was the drink you had on your first date, maybe it’s a drink you are recreating from a fabulous vacation you took, or maybe it’s something that has special meaning to both of you. Either way, having a nostalgic story behind your signature cocktail is a so sweet.

The Outdoor Bar Setup at Lauren Conrad's Wedding

2. Pick your favorites.
It might sound obvious, but serving your and your groom’s go-to cocktails as your signature drinks is a fun way to make your guests learn a little bit about you. Your closest friends and family will probably already know what your favorite sips are, but many of your guests probably don’t know what cocktails the two of you usually order at a bar. I like the idea of calling the cocktails “The Bride’s Favorite” and “The Groom’s Favorite.”

3. Go with the theme.
If any of you brides-to-be are having a hard time narrowing down a drink, it’s a good idea to see if there’s an underlying theme to your wedding that might inspire you. I found that it was easy to think up our apple brandy drink because it was based off of our apple and arrow theme. I’ve seen French 75s served at more classically themed weddings and Mai Tais served at tropical-inspired weddings. And there’s no harm in adding your own unique garnish or twist to a traditional cocktail recipe to spice things up.

The Signature Cocktail Served at Lauren Conrad's Wedding

No matter how you decide on what to serve at your wedding, I think that creating something custom is a fun touch. I also like the idea of naming your cocktail (incorporating your married last name is always a good idea here!). If your cocktails have an interesting story behind them, place a little stand at the bar explaining the thought that went into creating them. Whether it’s the story of the drinks you ordered when you first met or an explanation behind the theme, guests are sure to enjoy this detail on your big day.

Do you have any tips for making your big day more personalized and special?

Leave them in the comments below.

XO Lauren

Photos: Elizabeth Messina