Wedding Bells: How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Cake

Chances are that if you’re reading this post, you have a wedding coming up. Congratulations! While we all know that planning a wedding is a big undertaking, it is also one of the most special and rewarding times in your life. There are many decisions to be made throughout your planning journey and we’re here to help make one of them a little bit easier: choosing your perfect wedding cake.

Wedding cakes come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors, so we see how this decision could be a bit overwhelming. Keep reading to find four simple steps to get you on the right path to choosing the best cake option for your special day…

What’s Your Flavor?

Let your taste buds do the talking! Is your favorite flavor decadent chocolate or sweet strawberry? Do you prefer buttercream filling or something fruity? Some couples opt for one flavor while others like a mixture. The flavor combinations may seem endless, but the most important thing to remember is to go with what you and your future spouse love. The top tier of your cake is traditionally reserved for your first anniversary. Choose a fun flavor that you and your significant other will enjoy a year from now (Funfetti anyone?). Overall, I recommend scheduling a taste test with whoever will be creating your dream cake. Not only will taste-testing help to narrow down your options, but it will be a fun date as well!

Icing on the Cake

Similar to choosing a flavor and filling for your cake, you have options when it comes to frosting as well. Traditional buttercream is soft, comes in an array of flavors, and is perfect for more simple wedding cakes. Fondant on the other hand is favored for its ability to be molded into beautiful designs with a sleek finish. While both definitely have their advantages, it boils down to what your vision is for your wedding cake. Want to skip the icing decision altogether? Naked wedding cakes skip the outer layer of frosting and are only iced in between tiers. Très chic!

Top It Off

This is an area where you can really let your personality shine! Cake toppers come in all shapes and sizes and essentially represent who you are as a couple. We’ve all seen the traditional figurines on top of wedding cakes, but consider using your personal monogram or even something that fits your wedding theme and colors. Websites like Etsy are great resources for handmade, unique and customizable cake toppers. Don’t want a cake topper? Fresh flowers and fruit garnishes make for gorgeous wedding cake décor as well!

Try Unconventional

Let’s face the facts, not all of us are cake eaters. Just because wedding cakes are a tradition doesn’t mean that you can’t bend the rules. Couples are now creating fun and whimsical candy bars, ice cream sundae stations and cupcake and pie tables as an alternative to cake. Lauren even decided to serve handmade apple pie to her wedding guests in addition to her wedding cake! In addition to these cute and creative alternatives, another great idea is to serve sheet cake at your wedding to allow people to choose between cake and your favorite unconventional dessert option.

The best wedding cake advice (or wedding advice in general!) that anyone can give to you is to remember to choose something that you will love. Your wedding is all about you and your spouse and what you two enjoy as a couple. Try not to stress, have fun, and make your wedding a day that you’ll never forget!

Team LC

Photos: jessi burrone photography