10 Great Gifts for the Gardener

If you’re looking for me on a Sunday afternoon, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find me digging in the garden. Gardening is a favorite hobby of mine, whether I’m tending to flowers or planting fresh fruits and veggies. It’s very therapeutic for me, and so satisfying to grow my own ingredients to cook with. That said, I’m always looking for cute gardening accessories to gift my fellow gardeners and to put on my own wish list.

Here are 10 items that have caught my eye lately…

Terrain Haws Watering Gift Set

1. Terrain Haws Watering Gift Set, $128
What could be cuter than a brass mister and a mint watering can? This set comes in a cute gift box and is for either indoor or outdoor use.

Soy Blend Candle in Earth {The Little Market}

2. The Little Market Soy Blend Candle in Earth, $24
All of our Little Market candles are handmade by Burmese refugee women. This fragrance is perfect for the gardener who loves the smell of the earth and rich potting soil.

Williams-Sonoma Fancy Salad Greens Seed Collection

3. Williams-Sonoma Fancy Salad Greens Seed Collection, $15
Nothing compares to a salad made with fresh-from-the-garden greens. I love the charming vintage-inspired package on these seed packets.

West Elm Ceramic Animal Planters

4. West Elm Ceramic Animal Planters, $7-$39
Don’t let your lack of yard stop you from having the garden of your dreams. Even if you don’t have a big yard to plant in, you can start a pint-sized garden on your patio in these adorable animal pots.

Anthropologie Ash Wood Garden Tools

5. Anthropologie Ash Wood Garden Tools, $40
Every gardener needs a good set of tools, and the mint handles on these ones are right up my alley.

Anthropologie Raffia Gingham Sun Hat

6. Anthropologie Raffia Gingham Sun Hat, $98
If you’re going to be outside gardening, you’ll want a wide-brim hat to protect your complexion from the sun. This gingham topper has a vintage, ladylike feel.

Williams-Sonoma Herb Drying Rack

7. Williams-Sonoma Herb Drying Rack, $20
I like to dry the herbs from my garden so that I can enjoy homegrown herbs and spices all year round. This herb drying rack will look and smell lovely hanging in your kitchen.

Bohemian Market Basket {The Little Market}

8. The Little Market Bohemian Market Basket, $64
You can use this basket from my fair trade shop The Little Market to gather fresh flowers, fruits, and veggies from your garden or to tote around your tools.

Terrain Edible Flower Garden Kit

9. Terrain Edible Flower Garden Kit, $24
Edible flowers are one of my favorite elements to impress dinner guests. My favorite ways to use them are set atop baked goods or tossed into salad greens.

Kate Somerville Body Glow Sunscreen

10. Kate Somerville Body Glow Sunscreen, $45
Along the same lines as the hat above, it’s nice to have a luxe sunscreen to shield your skin from harmful UV rays. This SPF from Kate Somerville smoothes and firms skin while it protects.

Do you have a garden?

Let me know what you’re growing right now!

XO Lauren

Photo: Lauren Conrad via Instagram