Go For It: How to Work Towards Your Goals All Year Long

Hey LC readers, it’s the ladies of Skinny Fat Girl Diary! And today, we want to talk about resolutions… You remember? Those goals we set for ourselves to make 2015 the best, healthiest and happiest year yet. No, doesn’t ring a bell? Well, don’t worry… we’re having trouble staying on track with our New Years’ resolutions too. January and February flew by, and finally this past weekend we had time to catch up and lament over losing sight of both our clean eating and fitness goals. The terrible C’s have made a comeback in our households: cookies, chips and couch binge-watching. I mean…Netflix’s new season releases have made gym time almost non-existent. The struggle is real. However, with LA temperatures already on the rise and our calendars filling up, we needed a new game plan to focus and reinvigorate our old resolutions!

Like many of you, we take way too much on, and before you know it, our to-do list looks like a mountain rather than a molehill (sorry that analogy is an oldie, but a goodie). Then, we start to feel overwhelmed! Guilt sets in, along with “Ben N Jerry’s low fat half-baked frozen yogurt”… So we decided to simplify things and put effort into one goal each month. But of course, we couldn’t decide on the same one so here comes the “fun-ish” part… Envelope Opening Brunches! Let us explain…

Go For It: How to Work Towards Your Goals All Year Long

Go For It: How to Work Towards Your Goals All Year Long

We decided to write down all the things we want to accomplish this year on separate pieces of paper—reading lists, fitness goals, professional and personal achievements. Then, put each piece of paper into an envelope. At the beginning of each month, we’re going to meet for brunch and draw an envelope from our goal stack. It’s our commitment to focus on that goal for the entire month, with the hopes that it will work into our daily routine. Research shows it takes 21 consecutive days of consistency to form a habit, so we have high hopes for success.

 Here are some of our goals:

  • Read before bed
  • Work out
  • Cook dinners
  • Adventure
  • Clear clutter
  • Journal
  • Drink more water

Go For It: How to Work Towards Your Goals All Year Long

It may sound silly, but after discussing what we wanted to focus on for the month of March it seemed more achievable. It also gives us another excuse to brunch! Win, win.

What is your goal going to be next month?

Share it below to hold yourself accountable!

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