Since the launch of Fashion Month, it’s been easy to get lost amongst the endless list of articles and photos broadcasting Fall 2015 trends throughout each week. Here at Team LC we have to live vicariously through fashion websites and magazines in order to get our international Fashion Week fixes (though we are planning to attend New York Fashion Week in September…stay tuned!). For this week’s Chic of the Week, we get to take a peek into the incredible street style that this fashion maven gets to take part in on a daily basis from all the way across the pond.

Meet Emma, a style blogger from the UK and our latest Chic!

Chic of the Week: Emma’s International Street Style

Chic of the Week: Emma’s International Street Style

Chic of the Week: Emma’s International Street Style

Nothing beats a color combination like black and red! Emma’s outfit looks as timeless and elegant as the London backdrop behind her. Emma’s choice for minimalistic makeup and classic-yet-simple ensemble is truly a match made in heaven. We’re having a hard time deciding which staple we love more, the sleek ankle booties or the long peacoat. We also love the truth behind what Emma had to say about her outfit…

I should probably stop wearing so much black, but it seems that all of my favourite pieces are black.

We know what you mean, Emma! Thanks for sharing your favorite outfit with us.

What do you love most about Emma’s outfit?

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XO Team LC

P.S. Let us feature you as our next Chic of the Week! Submit a photo of you in your favorite outfit here along with a blurb telling us why you love it so much. Good Luck!

Photo: the sassy street