There comes a time in a woman’s life where she looks into her closet and thinks, “I have nothing to wear!” Unfortunately, we’ve all been there a time or two. With that being said, our latest Chic of the Week tackles that issue head-on and is here to inspire us to take a second look at what we have in our wardrobes. Before you decide to throw out every piece of clothing you own and start fresh, we suggest taking a peek at what our Chic has to say…

Say hello to Mireille!

Chic of the Week: Mireille’s Pretty Patterns

Chic of the Week: Mireille’s Pretty Patterns

Chic of the Week: Mireille’s Pretty Patterns

Mireille’s effortless combination of stripes and bold patterns definitely caught our attention. This outfit is tied together perfectly with her deep maroon chords and brown ankle booties. We’re going to have to steal this style for sure! Here are a few motivational words from Mireille to inspire your wardrobe…

On my fashion blog, I highlight that most things I put together, anyone can on a budget or within their own closet. Fashion is my ability to express my love for style and to creatively think outside the box with it. I am inspired by runway, New York/Paris street-style, my mother’s vintage closet, and my own vision. My desire is to inspire people to look, feel, and present their best in the most accessible way possible. I hope to influence someone to step outside their every day thought process in fashion, but not outside their budget or comfort zone. 

Thanks for sharing your style and inspiration with us, Mireille!

What are some of your favorite styling tips?

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XO Team LC

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Photo: city-peach