There’s a little trick that Lauren taught us for making our New Year’s resolutions last: Write them down in a place where you can come back to them easily, and you’re more likely to stick to them. And we can’t think of a better place to post our resolutions than this blog. That way, all of our lovely Team LC readers can help hold us accountable as well!

Here are our New Year’s resolutions for 2015…

1. Get a dog

I’ve wanted a pup of my own for as long as I can remember, and I’ve decided that 2015 is the year I’m going to do it. I’ve always had dogs in my family, but I’ve been a little too scared to take on the responsibility of caring for one myself. But I feel like I’m ready, and I can’t wait to find the pup of my dreams. Rachel, editor

2. Up my skincare routine

I’ve never spent a lot of time on my skincare routine, which I know is bad. I have a moisturizer and eye cream that I love, but I think it’s time to step it up a notch. I recently started using a handful of new products from Kate Somerville, and my 2015 resolution is to use them every single day. Hello, exfoliating! Rachel, editor

3. Get more involved in my community

Volunteer work has always been something that calls to me, but in the past few months I’ve felt an even stronger pull to get lend a hand in my community. There are so many organizations that need help, and it helping others is always time well spent in my book. This year I’m making a goal to tap into a volunteer opportunity at least once a month. It feels so good and it’s a great way to connect with people you’ve never met before.Allison, editor

4. Unplug for a couple hours every day

It’s hard to tell someone who works in blogging and social media to unplug. (Confession: I’ve tried this before and failed rather miserably.) But after becoming a mama in August, I finally realized how important it is to spend time with my family without checking my phone constantly. I plan to accomplish this by stashing my phone in the other room every evening and only going back for it if I hear it ring. Instagram can wait… at least for a couple hours! – Ilana, editor

5. Improve my posture

My New Year’s resolution is to improve my posture through more exercise. I realize how silly this sounds, but it makes a world of a difference if you’re sitting in a classroom or office all day! Bad posture takes a toll on your body, and I find myself in pain after a long day of school and work!Jessi, intern

6. Make shopping lists

My resolution is to start making shopping lists…I always forget one item and have to make frantic trips to the grocery store mid-baking. Cheers to a more organized 2015! – Lauren of SFG Diary, contributor

7. In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “Do one thing everyday that scares you.”

I learn best through challenging myself and stepping outside my comfort zone. Whether it’s career or personal, true growth happens for me when I do something even though it scares me. My New Year’s resolution for 2015 is to try new things more often! Take risks. Be bold. Say yes. – Valorie of SFG Diary, contributor

8. Not take things too seriously

My New Year’s resolution is to laugh every day, be kinder to myself, and remember that every difficult bump in the road WILL pass. In other words, to take care of myself mentally, emotionally, and physically, and to enjoy every moment with those I love! I think working in social work has reminded me to be grateful and to always search for the good. – Jackie of SFG Diary, contributor

9. Be more present

After a year crammed with health issues for those closest to me, I’ve made it a mission to appreciate the tiniest of moments. Moments that wouldn’t normally even register as a memory, but feel so rich and joyful when you allow yourself to forget about everything that’s complicating and stressful, and soak up the amazing conscious feeling of what’s now and only now. In the new year, I’d like to conquer this in spades. On a side note, I’d also really like to open a doggy adoption center! Small steps. Anna, contributor

10. Save money every month

I have a tendency to spend more than I should (I just love beautiful things, you guys!) but this year I’ve resolved to put money into my savings every month. Just the thought of this makes me itchy and anxious, but I’ve told several people about my plan so now I have some accountability and feel forced to do it. Sigh. Here we go… Jessica, contributor

What is your resolution for 2015?

Share it in the comments below so that you can feel more accountable too!

XO Team LC

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