If you’ve been reading LaurenConrad.com for a few years now, you have probably noticed that I’m a big believer in my 7 Days to Skinny Jeans plans. I think having a 7-day routine on hand for those weeks when you want to slim down and get healthy is a great idea. I turn to these plans (here and here) when I know I have a big event coming up and I want to look and feel my best. And let’s get one thing straight…these guides aren’t about getting slim quick by starving yourself or spending all of your time in a gym. They’re all about eating clean, getting lean and feeling your best.

In years past, I’ve listed out my favorite recipes, workouts and tips I use when I want to slip into those skinny jeans in a week’s worth of time. And this year, I thought it would be helpful to map out the schedule I follow so all of you can follow along too. It covers all seven days, and includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and exercises.

The Goal

But before we get into the exercises and recipes, it’s important to start off by setting a focused goal. In this case, that goal is fitting into those “skinny jeans.” “Skinny jeans” can mean something different to each person, whether it’s your favorite dress or a fitted top. But no matter what it is, write down your goal and hang it up somewhere you will see it every day, like your bathroom mirror. This way you will be motivated to stay on track all seven days…and hopefully beyond.

 My 7 Days to Skinny Jeans 2015 Schedule
Lauren Conrad's 7 Days to Skinny Jeans 2015 Schedule

The Diet Breakdown

The first thing I do every morning on this plan is drink a glass of lemon water, then a big glass of a nutrient- and vitamin-rich green juice. You will want to make sure your green juice is primarily vegetable based (spinach, romaine, kale, parsley, cilantro and spirulina are all powerhouses) because having too many fruit sugars first thing in the morning will spike your blood sugar. Then, I opt for egg scrambles many of the days when I’m doing my plan, but overnight oats or a fruit and veggie smoothie work great too. Lunch and dinner will always be a lean meat, a vegetable and a healthy carbohydrate, like sweet potatoes, brown rice or legumes. Soups are great too! I choose snacks that are light and filling, but will keep me on track and satisfied all day. I like to have a snack between lunch and dinner because I find that’s when I’m hungriest during the day (you might find that between breakfast and lunch is better for you). A snack with protein, like hard-boiled eggs, almonds or Greek yogurt always keeps me going until dinner. Here are some of the recipes for the meals I listed above:

The Workout Breakdown

Switching off between cardio and weight training is a great way to rev up your metabolism, lean out and let your muscle tone really show. I don’t believe that doing a killer 1-hour workout, then staying sedentary the rest of the day is a healthy lifestyle. Which is why I like to add walks into the mix on days when I’m trying to slim down. You can spread these walks out throughout the day or do one long one, but try to get at least 7,500 to 10,000 steps per day. Here are some of the workout routines I mentioned above:

The Rules
The same rules apply from my first 7 Days to Skinny Jeans post. Here’s a refresher on those guidelines:

  • Commit. Keep your eyes on the prize and if possible, enlist a partner in crime. It’s always easier when you have a buddy for support!
  • Drink lots of water! At least 8-10 glasses a day. Click here to find out exactly how much you need.
  • Each day, exercise, eat breakfast, lunch dinner and some healthy snacks, and make sure to get a walk in. Don’t skimp on any of these—you’ll need plenty of food to fuel your workout and you’ll need to workout to feel great!
  • Avoid soda, sugary baked goods, and processed foods all together. Think of it as a junk food cleanse.
  • If possible, try to sneak in your exercise before breakfast. Otherwise, just make sure you squeeze it into your schedule. This is the most important part!

As you can see, everything in this weeklong plan is healthy and good for you. I truly believe that when we feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside. No matter how many cocktails you had over the holidays, if you stick to this plan for one week you will start feeling better immediately. Then, see if you can keep up the good work for another week…hopefully this plan will turn into healthy new habits. I’ll be starting this plan tomorrow, so let’s help each other do it together.

Will you join me in my 7 Days to Skinny Jeans 2015 plan?

Be sure to check in with your progress each day in the comments below. And, on day seven, snap a photo of yourself in those good old skinny jeans and instagram it with the hashtag #LC7daystoskinnyjeans. We might even feature you right here on LaurenConrad.com!

XO Lauren