Oh Baby: New Mama Gift Guide

Hi everyone! It’s your Team LC editor Ilana with the latest post in my Oh Baby series. I had a baby in August, and today I will be sharing some sweet gift ideas for the other new mamas in your life…

Shopping for a new baby is fun. (Hello, tiny outfits and adorable toys!) But if a loved one recently had a baby, it’s also nice to send a little something for the mama herself. If you live nearby the new mama in your life, some of the nicest things you can do are come over and clean or bring over a home-cooked meal. But if you can’t make it over, these sweet and sentimental gifts are the next best thing…

Oh Baby: New Mama Gift Guide

1. Bittersweets NY Number Ring, $175
Our baby girl was born on the 30th of August, so my husband gifted me with a ‘30’ ring in rose gold. It’s so sweet and delicate, and it never leaves my right hand’s ring finger.

2. Amazon Prime subscription, $99/year
Avoiding unnecessary trips to the store is invaluable during those first few sleep-deprived weeks. With a gifted Amazon Prime subscription, the new parents can order virtually anything they might need for themselves or baby and have it arrive within two days with free shipping. Running low on toothpaste? Or maybe you want to try that miracle swaddle blanket you’ve been hearing about? Just click ‘add to cart.’

3. Nora Kogan Mama Ring, $393
This is another beautiful ring option for the special mama in your life. It’s the kind of keepsake that will make her smile every time she glances down at her finger.

4. Mom’s One Line a Day Journal, $17
Not only is this memory book beautiful with its blush cover and gold accents, but a new mom can realistically keep up with writing one line a day. The idea is to jot down a single memory, milestone, quote or special event each day for baby’s first five years.

5. Zuzii Footwear Oxfords, $50 – $80
As a new mama, it’s fun to have people gift you cute clothes for baby. But it’s even more fun if there’s a little something in there for you too. L.A.-based Zuzii footwear makes beautiful handmade oxfords in both women’s and baby sizes. Too cute.

6. Topshop Knitted Loungewear Robe, $125
When you’re getting up out of bed multiple times during the night, it’s nice to have a new robe to throw on. This fuzzy peach robe would keep a new mom feeling cozy and chic.

7. Caitlin Wilson Car Seat Cover, $98
There are so many practical things that you need for baby. Caitlin Wilson’s car seat covers (which are available in several of her signature prints) make an essential piece of gear like a car seat feel chic and fun.

8. Good Eggs Food Delivery
It’s so hard to find time to cook during those first few weeks with baby, so new parents will certainly appreciate not having to worry about their next meal. If you live in L.A., San Francisco, Brooklyn, or New Orleans, Good Eggs is my very favorite food delivery service in those cities. You can order local and organic produce, along with prepared meals, juices, baked goods, and more. Think of it like a virtual farmers market. If you’re in another part of the country though, the app Postmates makes it easy to have takeout delivered from any restaurant in the area.

9. Massage Gift Card (Not pictured)
The first few weeks with baby are wonderful, but to say that they’re exhausting would be an understatement! If your new mama friend can manage to sneak out of the house for an hour or two for a massage, it will literally feel better and more relaxing than anything she has ever felt before.

Do you know any new or expecting mamas?

I hope these gift suggestions help!

xo Ilana
Team LC