Lauren Conrad

There’s something about the month of January that feels exciting. The holidays may be over, but this new month brings with it a fresh start that only comes along once a year. When January rolls around, I always write out my New Year’s resolutions… and a few of them usually have to do with diet and exercise. While it’s important to stay healthy and happy every month of the year, January is the time that most people take a moment to rethink their diet and fitness routines.

So with that in mind, this January will be all about a Fresh Start. Keep an eye out for my recipe for healthy homemade pop-tarts, my 7 Days to Skinny Jeans diet and exercise plan, a blog all about the best foods to eat with each workout, and a beginners guide to Team LC’s favorite workout classes. We’ll also be sharing 10 habits of successful women, as well as a blog all about how to know if you’re ready to chop your hair off. I’ll also be debuting my brand new LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s collection, and so much more. There will be lots of health and fitness blogs coming your way, to help with those New Year’s resolutions.

Do you have any blog requests for this month?

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XO Lauren

Photos: Lauren Conrad Beauty