Fit Tip: How to Make Healthy a Habit in Three Days

After an indulgent holiday season, most of us are in New Year’s resolution mode and are ready to make some lasting, healthy changes in 2015. We’re not sure about you, but we are guilty of going a little bit overboard with the Christmas cookies and champagne… oops! But that is behind us now, and we’re determined to make this year our healthiest yet. And what’s the best way to get 2015 started on a healthy note? A cleanse, of course! It’s the perfect way to jumpstart new healthy habits and get back on track. Which is where Kaeng Raeng’s all-natural, vegan cleansing products come in.

A natural cleanse is our go-to when we’re looking to jumpstart weight loss, improve digestion, bolster immunity, and give our skin a glow… which is why a cleanse is perfect for this time of year! We love Kaeng Raeng’s suite of cleansing products because after just three days, you can already feel your healthy eating habits getting back on track. We can all commit to three days, right?

Kaeng Raeng Cleanse is unlike any other cleanse out there. What you won’t see here is a diet of spicy lemonade and laxatives. A Kaeng Raeng Cleanse is gentle and filling, and packs complete nutrition in three delicious shakes per day. You can also eat as many raw fruits and veggies as you want on the KR program, so you won’t be fasting or starving, which is so important for us. This is a cleanse that’s actually easy to complete, which his hard to find! Trust us… you’ll feel stronger, fuller, and more energized while kicking toxins and processed foods out of your system.

Fit Tip: How to Make Healthy a Habit in Three Days

Our friends at Kaeng Raeng are all about the importance of whole body wellness and they know that what goes on your skin is also absorbed into the body. You’ve heard Lauren talk about Kaeng Raeng’s amazing beauty line before. It’s a great way to kick your cleanse up a notch while enjoying some pampering at the same time.

Next week, Kaeng Raeng is also launching the Daily Green Energy to help you extend all the great benefits of your cleanse long after those first three days. Daily Green Energy is a detoxifying, energizing, and rejuvenating green powdered drink mix that’s designed for daily use. It’s the perfect way to start your day with everything wonderful in a daily green smoothie: all-natural caffeine-free energy, vegan protein, probiotics and organic super foods. It’s your green smoothie, on-the-go! Plus, Daily Green Energy is safe for pregnant and nursing mamas, so everyone can enjoy these health benefits! Exclusively for Lauren Conrad fans, you can pre-order the DGE and save 20% off (DGE ships January 12, 2015).

Fit Tip: How to Make Healthy a Habit in Three Days

Join us in getting 2015 off to an amazing start with Kaeng Raeng’s products. Check out their amazingly discounted packages or use the code LAUREN20 to save 20 percent off of individual products at now through January 31, 2014.

Is your 2015 off to a healthy start? Will you be doing this cleanse with us?

Let’s support each other! If you do the cleanse, post your photos on Instagram and Twitter with #LCxKRCleanse so that we can all do this together.

We hope you love the Kaeng Raeng cleanse as much as we do!

XO Team LC

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Fit Tip: How to Make Healthy a Habit in Three Days
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