This week’s Chic of the Week submission proves that brainstorming with your best friends can truly result in some wardrobe magic! In a blog post appropriately titled “50 Shades of Chambray,” three best friends and blog collaborators demonstrate just how easy it is to pair denim with, you guessed it, denim. We now introduce to you one of the three masterminds behind the fashion and lifestyle blog…

Meet this week’s stylish Chic, Amber!

Chic of the Week: Amber’s Chic ChambrayChic of the Week: Amber’s Chic Chambray

Like Amber’s blog post suggests, there are plenty of ways to style an evergreen staple like a chambray button-up. We absolutely love a bold, plaid accessory like Amber’s scarf and think it is the perfect finishing element to her all-denim look. Here are some helpful tips from Amber’s blog on how to style your favorite chambray pieces…

First, you can either do darker denim on bottom with a lighter chambray shirt on top. If you think it looks a little too dull or plain then pair it with some fun patterned shoes like leopard or a bright red stiletto. Secondly, you can do more of a matching chambray look without as much contrast. You can do the exact same shade on the top and the bottom or pretty close. I would recommend the darker shades when you are matching them more closely. Add a pair of your favorite booties or knee-high boots to spice it up a bit. If you want to spice up the look even more just add your favorite scarf.

Thanks for your chambray styling tip, Amber!

How do you style your favorite chambray?

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Photo: the adorned array