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As you know by now, all of us here at LC.com are huge dog lovers. Our pups give us unconditional love and provide us with endless amounts of happiness, and there’s something so rewarding about being a puppy parent. Which is why we take any chance we get to show our furry friends how much we love them.

A few months ago, you may remember us telling you about BarkBox, a monthly box of treats, toys and goodies for your dog. The boxes include everything from toys and gadgets (yes, these days even dogs have their own gadgets) to healthy treats and snacks. Well, since we’ve spent the last few weeks rounding up our holiday gift guides, we couldn’t leave out the ultimate gift for your dog, or for a friend’s dog: a BarkBox subscription! If you have a dog, BarkBox is the perfect gift to get for yourself and for your pup. And for those of you who don’t have dogs, BarkBox is still a great option to gift a friend who has a pup of their own. What better way to treat your nearest and dearest this holiday season than with a gift for their cute canines?

Last month when our BarkBox came in the mail, our neighbor pup Edie happened to be hanging out in the LC.com office with us, and her reaction was priceless. It was beyond adorable to watch Edie unpack her box and see how excited she was about all of her new goodies. Here’s what happened

The Delivery

Puppy Love: The Ultimate Gift For Your Dog | LaurenConrad.com
Edie always gets excited when we have visitors at the office… but when her BarkBox arrived, she took it to a whole new level. We’ve never seen her so excited about a delivery before! It was clear that she could smell the yummy treats inside, and she couldn’t wait to open up the boxes and unpack her goodies. Needless to say, it was a pretty cute moment…

The Unpacking

Puppy Love: The Ultimate Gift For Your Dog | LaurenConrad.com
Once we took the tape off of the box, Edie literally opened it up herself! She started digging around and had her nose in the box for a good five minutes. She looked like a little kid opening her presents on Christmas morning. So sweet!

The Aftermath

Puppy Love: The Ultimate Gift For Your Dog | LaurenConrad.com
Edie spent the rest of the afternoon playing with her new toys from BarkBox. When she wasn’t chewing on a treat, she was squeaking one of her new toys. This was one happy customer.

As much as Edie loved getting her BarkBox, it was even more special for us to watch the whole process. She squealed with delight as she unpacked her BarkBox and inspected all of her new goodies, and our hearts melted. Nothing makes us happier than a happy pup!

Now for the best part… Get BarkBox for your pup, and treat a friends pup too! Get a free 1-month BarkBox Gift Card with any new BarkBox subscription.* Sounds great to us! Spoil your pup and get your dog-loving friend a holiday gift at the same time.

So what are you waiting for?

Click here to order a BarkBox for your pup, or for that friend of yours who loves their dog more than anything else.

XO Team LC

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