I am so excited to announce the premiere of my Pop Innovators special tonight at 8pm ET/PT on E! I’ll be following in the footsteps of people like will.i.am. and Steve Jobs who have had their own Pop Innovators episodes.

I never really think of myself as a pop culture icon, so I was very flattered when E! approached me to do the episode. In the one-hour special, I talk about everything from my life growing up in Laguna to how I made the most out of my early reality TV success. They also interviewed some of the important people in my life; from my family members to my business partners/besties Hannah and Maura to my LC.com editors. It’s a fun look behind the scenes at my life and my career.

Here are a few fun quotes from the special…

  • “It was almost like holding your breath for a really long time and I finally just got to exhale.” –  me, on leaving The Hills
  • “It made her learn from a very early stage in her life that to get somewhere in this world you had to earn it, you had to work for it, and she’s done that.” – Maura McManus, my childhood friend, on my upbringing
  • “She was so articulate about high school…that was jaw-dropping for a seventeen-year-old to be that self-aware.” – Liz Gatley, Laguna Beach Creator, on casting me
  • “Being on the cover of the magazine you’re interning for is not normal.” – Blaine Zuckerman, Former Teen Vogue Contributing Editor, on my internship
  • “She never wanted to be famous, and actually, still doesn’t want to be famous…” Jim Conrad, my father, on my career aspirations

Are you going to watch my Pop Innovators special?

I really hope you’ll tune in!

XO Lauren

Photo: InStyle