It’s no secret that the crop top is currently up there on the list of the biggest trends… right next to the cool girl bob haircut and stacked jewels, that is. Today’s Chic of the Week is flaunting her favorite trends in a classic color combination we love. We hope you admire the boldness of her simple yet perfectly pieced together outfit as much as we do…

This week we celebrate the style of our latest Chic, Maddie!

Chic of the Week: Maddie Makes a Statement

Not only are we totally in love with Maddie’s crop top (for obvious reasons!), but we are also into the pop of red in her manicure that completes her black and white ensemble. Be sure to check out Maddie’s blog, Bits and Little Pieces, for more of her personal style and life musings.

Chic of the Week: Maddie Makes a Statement

Chic of the Week: Maddie Makes a Statement

Here’s what Maddie had to say about her super chic crop top:

There is one kinda-boring thing that I do happen to like…white t-shirts. Don’t ask why, but I have a little obsession with them. Long sleeved, short sleeved, cropped, you name it (I’ve also got stained). But there ARE some ways to make white t-shirts more exciting, besides spilling food on them. My favorite method is done on this cute little crop top.

Don’t worry Maddie, your style is anything but boring!

How do you dress up your favorite white t-shirts?

Be sure to submit your favorite outfit here for a chance to be featured as our next Chic of the Week. Good Luck!

XO Team LC

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Photos: bits and little pieces