Trick or Treat: Help Me Choose My Halloween Costume!

If you saw my post announcing my annual DIY Halloween Costume Contest yesterday, you can probably tell that I’m really getting in the spirit for this upcoming holiday. I love finding costume inspiration from your entries, and I can’t wait to see what you create! As most of you know, I like to DIY my Halloween costume each year as well. But this year, I’m having some trouble deciding between a few ideas I have in mind… That said, I’d love your help choosing what I’m going to be for Halloween!

I’ve posted a poll below so be sure to vote. I will post a tutorial at the end of the month for the costume idea that gets the most votes!

What should I be for Halloween?
A raincloud.
A ringleader (with Chloe as my lion)
Little Red Riding Hood
A Mermaid



My team and I will have a big crafting day this month, and I’ll make the costume that you guys liked best. And you can look forward to Halloween crafts and treats coming to the site this month too!

So what do you think…what should I be for Halloween this year?

Vote above!

XO Lauren

Photos: Instagram via @LaurenConrad