Our latest entry for Lauren’s annual DIY costume contest is one of the most creative outfits we’ve seen yet! Our winner was channeling her inner child while prepping her Halloween costume this year and we are thrilled to share with you the final product. Meet Beverlee, a life-sized paper doll and this week’s costume contest winner…

DIY Paper Doll Halloween Costume

Here’s what you will need:

  • white poster board (x2)
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brush
  • velcro
  • headband (optional for the bow)
  • hot glue
  • old t-shirt
  • wig

Beverlee’s Instructions:

1. Trace a favorite dress or top onto your poster board. Don’t forget to trace the tabs (my cell phone was the perfect size for the tabs that I wanted).
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2. Next, trace the skirt (adding tabs along the edge).

3. Draw out your accessories. I decided that I wanted a bow for my hair and a purse. I drew them both freehand using a pencil so I could correct my mistakes.

4. Cut out your shapes.

5. Paint your main color on the dress.


6. Once the paint has dried, add an outline and perforations around the tabs. I ended up painting my tabs white because I wanted the texture to be consistent. I also added polka dots and a Peter Pan collar.

7. Once the paint has dried completely, attach the bow to your headband using hot glue.


8. Attach a piece of Velcro to an old tee across the chest for the top and across the stomach for the skirt. This makes it super easy to take the costume on and off.


9. Finally, accessorize with a wig, rosy cheeks and pink lips!

Now you are dressed to impress this Halloween!

Will you take these tips from Beverlee and create your own paper doll costume?

We will continue to take costume submissions all month long, so click here to read our guidelines for how to submit your DIY Halloween costume. Our winners will be featured here on LaurenConrad.com each Friday!

XO Team LC

Photos: beverlee’s instagram @bdholm