We’ve been loving all of the submissions we’ve seeing so far for Lauren’s annual DIY costume contest, and we’ve already been picking some winners! This week’s winner highlights everything we love in a girly Halloween costume. Not only does she incorporate fluffy tulle and rainbow rhinestones into her unicorn outfit, but she also painted her nails to add a little flair to her bedazzled costume. We introduce you to Ashley, the most adorable unicorn we’ve laid eyes on…

DIY Unicorn Costume

Halloween DIY: Ashley’s Unicorn Costume
Here’s what you will need:

  • shirt of your choice
  • gems/beads
  • glue (preferably craft glue)
  • rope
  • tulle
  • scissors
  • headband
  • small foam cone

Ashley’s Instructions:

For the shirt:

  1. I bought my teal top at Kohl’s and decided to bedazzle the top with fun gems from the craft store.
  2. I took glue and took the gems and put them in a fun random pattern.
  3. I decided to scatter the jewels and gems to a “V” shape, as you can see below.

Halloween DIY: Ashley’s Unicorn Costume
For the skirt:

  1. Measure your tulle into strips of fabric twice the length of your desired skirt.
  2. Tie the tulle strips onto the rope.
  3. For a fuller, fluffier skirt, cut many pieces of tulle into small, thin sections and continue to tie onto the rope as pictured above.

Halloween DIY: Ashley’s Unicorn Costume
For the unicorn horn:

  1. I had a basic white headband and added a cone from the craft store.
  2. To adhere the cone to the headband, I put glue on the flat end of the cone and held it down on the headband for a couple of minutes.
  3. I wrapped tulle (which was leftover from the skirt) around the cone.
  4. Lastly, I added some gems that were leftover from the shirt onto the cone.

Halloween DIY: Ashley’s Unicorn Costume
Depending on how comfortable you are, you can jazz it up like I did with fun leggings or wear shorts and heels. I added stick-on nails from the store. Just have fun with it…I was very comfortable all night and didn’t have to break the bank!

Halloween DIY: Ashley’s Unicorn Costume

Thanks for your submission, Ashley!

Will you be recreating this adorable unicorn costume?

We will continue to take costume submissions all month long, so click here to read our guidelines for how to submit your DIY Halloween costume. Our winners will be featured here on LaurenConrad.com each Friday!

XO Team LC


Photos: Ashley’s Instagram @acalarie