Lauren Conrad's Watercolor Meringues

When it comes to baking, there’s nothing better than a dessert that’s both delicious and beautiful. I’ve always found meringues to be one of the cutest desserts around, and since they’re easy to make ahead of time they’re great for entertaining.

In an effort to put my own spin on this classic dessert, I enlisted my friend and favorite baker, Lauren Lowstan, to help me create watercolor meringues. As you’ll see below, the process turned out to be pretty simple (and fun) and the results were perfectly adorable. Whip these yummy meringues up for your next get together and your friends will agree they’re almost too pretty to eat…

Watercolor Meringues


  • homemade or store bought (Trader Joe’s) white meringues. If you want to make them yourself try this recipe—sans cocoa powder and espresso powder
  • gel food colors
  • water

Lauren Conrad's Watercolor Meringues


  • small paintbrush
  • small bowls
  • paper towels

Lauren Conrad's Watercolor Meringues 


1. Using a paintbrush or toothpick, take a small amount of food coloring and place it into a bowl. Add a small amount of water and stir.

Lauren Conrad's Watercolor Meringues

2. Dip each meringue into the colored water quickly and remove. You can dip the meringue as much or as little you like.

Lauren Conrad's Watercolor Meringues

3. If you want a pinwheel effect instead, dip a paintbrush into the colored water and brush it onto the meringues.

Lauren Conrad's Watercolor Meringues

4. Set on a paper towel to dry.

Lauren Conrad's Watercolor Meringues

And, voilà! Aren’t they pretty? Thank you to the wonderful Lauren Lowstan for guiding us through this delicious recipe.

Will you whip up your own meringues? 

Let me know below!

XO Lauren


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