Clutch Essentials: A Guide to the Perfectly Packed ClutchHey, ladies. It’s Anna again, from Fash Boulevard. While my handbag motto has always been “the bigger the better,” some style stories and evening activities simply demand a clutch. Below is a list of my 15 clutch essentials to help prepare you for anything the night may bring…

Clutch Essentials: A Guide to the Perfectly Packed ClutchClutch Essentials: A Guide to the Perfectly Packed Clutch
dress – ModCloth, trench coat – South (similar), heels – Wallis (similar), nail polish – Dolce & Gabbana’s Vinaccia, headband – Remington, clutch – Gigi’s New York (similar)


15 Clutch Essentials:

Clutch Essentials: A Guide to the Perfectly Packed Clutch
– When chatting at the bar or an awkwardly small table, personal-space-violations are inevitable, and fresh breath just becomes common courtesy.

Small brush – After taking a speedboat the night of my bachelorette party and resorting to detangle my hair with a restaurant fork (à la The Little Mermaid…see here) I haven’t left my house without a brush since. Learn from my mistake, ladies. Come prepared with a mini brush.

Safety pins – These little metal pins can save you from a multitude of fashion disasters, like losing a button or a broken zipper.

Cash – I’m not someone who always carries cash, but there are still places that don’t take debit cards, so having a few small bills on hand for tips and the occasional tin cup, is always a good idea…Especially in big cities.

Drivers license and credit/debit cards – Both of these are probably a no brainer, but they’re also the most fundamental items in your clutch. Before you leave the house, double check that you haven’t these critical plastics.

Mini perfume – Mini perfume bottles are my favorite thing to keep in my clutch, handbag and makeup bag. They always come in handy and keep you from smelling like your immediate surroundings. (Mini fragrance via Victoria Secret)

Change – Quarters aren’t only good for laundry day. It’s important to keep a few on hand for paying those pesky parking meters!

Pain reliever – If you’re prone to headaches like me, a pain reliever that’s in reach is a requirement for survival.

Clutch Essentials: A Guide to the Perfectly Packed Clutch
Lipstick and gloss
– Eating and drinking is your lipstick’s biggest enemy, so it’s crucial to keep some color in your clutch for reapplications throughout the night. I always have my favorite Cate McNabb lipstick and gloss nearby to keep my lips hydrated and full of natural looking shine.

Powder – I’ve noticed that the more fun I have during a night out, the quicker my makeup fades. A compact pressed powder should always be a beauty essential to keep your skin looking fresh instead of faded.

Clutch Essentials: A Guide to the Perfectly Packed Clutch
Bandages – Every once in a while we all fall into the “partied too hard” category. We hobble. We fall. We dance like we’re at a Katy Perry concert. Bandages are the perfect aid for irresponsible mishaps (or that new pair of shoes that looks so good but hurts so bad). (Isaac Mizrahi designed Band-Aids)

Bobby pins and hair bands – If only our hair could maintain its pre-departure status, life would be so much simpler, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately “elements” and what not always seem to prevail, requiring an immediate hair rescue. Enter: bobby pins.

Pack of tissues – Tissues are great to use for blotting off surface oil from your skin and correcting make up smudges.

Backup phone charger – This little pink rectangle could save your life if you happen to get stranded without a phone in where-did-all-my-friends-go, USA. And what’s equally as terrifying is not having access to your camera and social media accounts. (Pocket Juice power bank)

Stain removing pen – To prevent yourself from having to flaunt a food or wine stain on your dress all evening, an instant stain remover, like a Tide Pen, has the power to save your garment and your dignity.

What are some “clutch essentials” that you can’t leave the house without?

Let us know in the comments below.

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