Wedding Bells: How to Enjoy the Wedding Planning Process

As you might have seen, last week I officially tied the knot! Mr. Tell and I are enjoying every bit of newlywed bliss. Now that the wedding is over, I’ve also had a second to reflect on the wedding planning process as a whole.

While the number of details to consider when planning can get stressful, it’s important to remember that the process should be fun. While it’s easy to get swept up in to-do lists, there are ways to make sure that the process does not overwhelm you or put a strain on your relationships. Here are three key lessons I learned on my way to the aisle…

1. Designate Time for Wedding Talk
Most of us ladies could probably gush about wedding invitations, bouquets, and bridesmaids gifts for days, but unfortunately guys are likely to get tired of the bridal chatter. To keep both parties happy, designate specific times to discuss the wedding (like 30 minutes after dinner), so that the wedding doesn’t take over everything. This will allow you to cover all your wedding topics, but also discuss normal things, like how his day was.

2. Keep Up with Your Favorite Activities
While your wedding is a hugely important event in your life, preparing for it should not take over your life. Just as it’s key to designate time for wedding talk with your guy or girl, it’s also important to save time for the normal life activities that make you happy. Whether that’s working out, reading, or sipping wine with your besties, if you cut out all your fun activities just because you’re planning a wedding, you’re bound to burn out quickly.

3. Delegate
This was a hard lesson for me to grasp at first since I love doing everything myself, but delegating is huge. The most important thing for a bride to do on her wedding day is enjoy every moment. If you’re stressing about all the day-of details, that is hard to do. Originally I wanted to arrange my own flowers for our wedding, but luckily one of my closest friends, bridesmaid and wedding planner Cassandra stepped in and put an end to that idea. I’m so glad she did because if I was running around juggling centerpieces on the morning of my wedding I don’t think I would have been as present and calm.

Have any wedding planning lessons of your own you’d like to share?

I’d love to hear them below!

XO Lauren

Photos: @LaurenConrad via Instagram