Tuesday Ten: September Style Tips

As most of you know by now, September is a big month for fashion, if not the biggest. This month (this week, in fact), designers showcase their spring collections at fashion weeks all over the world. It’s also the perfect month to start stocking up your closet with new and on-trend fall pieces for the season that’s upon us. Needless to say, there is endless inspiration on the fashion front in September. But just in case you need a little more, I’ve pulled together 10 looks I’ll be trying this month that are great ways to transition from summer to fall. Here they are…

1. Catch a case of the end of summer blues.
I’m just as sad that summer’s ending as you are. It’s always a little bittersweet. So, if you have a little end of summer blues, wear it on your sleeve by incorporating a few different colors of blue to create a monotone look. There’s always a silver lining, right?

2. Dust off your Mary Janes.
With back-to-school nostalgia on the brain, we have every reason to pay homage to the chicest scholastic fashion trends from back in the day. Think Mary Janes, cat eye glasses, and plaid skirts.

3. Have some team spirit.
Varsity jackets are a fun twist on your usual denim and leather jackets, and they give any outfit a cool sartorial twist. Mark my words: Varsity jackets will be a key player in the street style scene at fashion week this month.

4. Prepare to get cozy.
There’s nothing I love more about fall than feeling cozy. And that applies to my clothes, too. While it might not be cold enough to wear your warm sweaters yet, throwing on an open sweater like the one in the photo above is a great way to get ready for fall.

5. Be the girl with the pearl earring.
Everywhere I look I’ve been seeing the new Dior “Mise en Dior” tribal earrings. They have two pearls, a big one behind the earlobe and a small one in front, and they are super on-trend right now. There are plenty of places to go to find a cheaper version, but I’m loving these ones from Bauble Bar.

6. Keep it light.
…Lightweight, that is. September is still a pretty steamy month when it comes to weather, so keep those sheer pieces at the front of your closet. A sheer blouse is a great piece that will be breezy during the day and give your arms some light coverage at night.

7. Timeless is everything.
I’ll admit it: I say this tip almost every month. But I truly believe that keeping the foundation of your wardrobe timeless will make every single one of your outfits more sophisticated. This month, pair your navy and camel pieces with denim for a classic color scheme.

8. Black, white, and red all over.
Now is the time to mix and match your black and white pieces. And don’t forget to finish off your outfit with a red pout—black, white and red makes for a dramatic trio.

9. Enamored with embroidery.
If you read our post about all things embroidered, you’d know that embroidered pieces are on our radar lately. Bring out your embroidered pieces (like this adorable embroidered denim jacket) for this transitional period.

10. Think après-surf.
With these last few weeks of summer wrapping up, the opportunities to spend days and evenings at the beach are becoming more and more rare. Soak up the last bits of summer, even if the nights are getting chillier. Just remember to bring your chunky knit for a chic and cozy après-surf look.

What trend are you most excited to try this fall?

Let me know in the comments below.

XO Lauren