Style Guide: Mastering the Art of Color Mixing
Hi ladies, it’s Anna from Fash Boulevard again. Preventing one’s self from falling into the perpetual cycle I like to call “the colorless rut” requires a conscious effort nearly every day for most of us. We all have our collection of fail-safe neutral blouses that go with virtually every item in our closet, and while it may be a challenge to avoid these classic pieces all the time, it’s important to take a stroll on the brighter side every once in a while.

Simple color play tweaks have the potential to revive your wardrobe and offer new options to create pairings you’ve never tried before. For optimal color mixing and creativity, it’s important to have an understanding of the three most popular color schemes:

Monochromatic: Combine different shades of a single color. (ex. light blue and dark blue)

Analogous: Combine two colors that are adjacent to each other on a color wheel. (ex. orange and yellow)

Complimentary: Combine two colors that are across from each other on the color wheel. (ex. blue and yellow)

With the knowledge of these three color theories, it’s time to sharpen your mixing skills. If you’re still unsure how to mix colors on your own, try finding a printed piece, like a scarf or a skirt, that already combines a mix of colors for you. Then break down the print, and pair it with an item that is the least used color in the design.

Primary & Pastel:

Style Guide: Mastering the Art of Color Mixing
Style Guide: Mastering the Art of Color Mixing
shorts – J.Crew, top – Skies Are Blue, blazer – INC (similar here), handbag – Apt. 9, wedges – LC Lauren Conrad, necklace – New Directions


Below are a few of my favorite unique color combos every girl should try attempting at least once.

Hunter Green & Coral:

Hunter Green + Coral
textured hybrid skort – TopShop ($68) + tango bag – ModCloth ($60)

Lime Green + Lemon Yellow:

Lime Green + Lemon Yellow
Pointed Pumps – DKNY ($195) + Floral Lace Tee – Dorothy Perkins ($44, similar)

Pink + Red:

Pink + Red
jacquard pencil skirt – TopShop ($80) + embellished top – Dorothy Perkins ($49)

Fuchsia + Tangerine Orange:

Fuchsia + Tangerine Orange
lace pencil dress – Dorothy Perkins ($57) + saddle bag – Tory Burch ($485)

Light Blue + Bright Pink:

Light Blue + Bright Pink
scallop-yoke top – LC Lauren Conrad ($28) + rose midi skirt – TopShop ($96)

What are your two favorite colors to combine?

Let us know in the comments below.

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