I’m not going to lie; it’s hard to see summer ending. But if there’s one thing that can get me out of my post-summer slump, it’s fall fashion. September is the biggest and most important month for the fashion industry. It’s when magazines come out with their all-important September issues; it’s the time to shop for denim, coats, boots, and other cold-weather staples; and it’s also when I release my favorite collections for Paper Crown (see the fall line here) and LC Lauren Conrad (I can’t wait for you guys to see the September collection, which will be available in just a few days!). Don’t get me wrong—swimsuits, sandals, and shorts are all fun to wear. But they’re no match for the level of style that comes with the fall season.

So, to celebrate Fall Fashion in all its glory, I’m making fashion the official theme on LaurenConrad.com this month. Think of it like our very own LC.com September issue! There will be tons of fashion-focused content including my favorite fall bags, a guide to the season’s chicest coat styles, and more. And because I know that shopping for a whole season’s wardrobe can get expensive, I’ve decided to focus this year’s boots shopping guide on stylish pairs under $100. Plus, for all you high fashion devotees, I’ll be breaking down some of the season’s top runway trends and how to wear them in real life. So you can see why I’m pretty excited about this month’s theme. But rest assured, that there will be lots of yummy recipes, home décor inspiration, and wedding content in between.

What other fashion topics and trends would you like me to cover?

Let me know below!

XO Lauren

Photo: Darling Magazine