Here at, there’s nothing we love see more than aspirational women following their dreams. Sure it sounds a little cheesy, but we have a soft spot for all the motivated ladies out there! After all, we all started out as beginner bloggers ourselves. When I was browsing through the submissions for this week’s Chic of the Week, one reader left a little message about being so excited to start blogging. But from looking at her gorgeous outfit, you’d think she’s been Internet fashionista for years…

Congrats, Emma! We love your gorgeous outfit (and your newfound love for blogging!).
Chic of the Week: Emma’s Elegant LaceChic of the Week: Emma’s Elegant LaceChic of the Week: Emma’s Elegant LaceChic of the Week: Emma’s Elegant Lace

Emma created this elegant festival-inspired look by pairing a lace dress with a black slip, black short booties, cool sunglasses, and a little waist bag. Her adorable pup doesn’t make for a bad accessory either! Here’s what our Chic had to say about this look…

I’m new to blogging, I’ve just hit my three-month anniversary! And Lauren’s blog was one of the first I followed!! It’s provided me with much inspiration and smile, so firstly thank you for guys for that!! We are nearly finished with our festival season here in the UK but this outfit is an ode to that. I know it’s across the pond from you guys, but its only a little plane ride away!
 Have a great weekend!

Congrats, girl! We adore your blog.

Be sure to take a peek at the rest of Emma’s musings clicking here:

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