All of us here at can admit to being a little bit Instagram obsessed… from pretty pictures of peonies to stunning sunsets, we find ourselves checking our Insta feed a little too frequently. And don’t get me wrong, I love to see photos of a delicious meal or my friends’ footwear… but I have to say, my absolute favorite accounts to follow on Insta are animals.

Whether it’s a dog in a costume, a bunny wearing a bowtie or even a pig taking a shower (scroll to #7 to see what I’m talking about), I can’t get enough. So to add a little extra cuteness to your Instagram, I’ve rounded up the top 10 animals that will instantly up your feed’s cuteness factor. And I will admit, it was very tough to narrow it down to the top 10 cutest Insta-animals for today’s blog (this could have been a Tuesday 200…), but I had to make some tough cuts. Take a look, and prepare for lots and lots of cuteness.

1. @SamsonTheDood

The 10 Cutest Animals on Instagram

Samson the Goldendoodle’s Instagram pictures are almost too cute for words. He frequently naps with his twin (a stuffed animal bear named Bea), looks absolutely adorable in a raincoat, enjoys swimming, and is all-around amazing.

2. @BunnyMama

The 10 Cutest Animals on Instagram

This account follows the lives of three house bunnies: Eddie, Marbles & Olive. Individually they’re all adorable, but when they cuddle together it’s almost too much.


3. Maddie of @ThisWildIdea

The 10 Cutest Animals on Instagram

We’ve featured Maddie in a couple of Friday Favorites, so she was a no-brainer when it came to putting this list together. She’s a pro at standing on small objects, can balance anything on her nose (spoons, fried eggs, small cacti, etc.), and loves donuts as much as we do.


4. @Utacci

The 10 Cutest Animals on Instagram

Like Samson, Utacci also has a twin stuffed animal that she enjoys napping with. She’s a big fan of festive headwear, has quite the costume collection, and is just so cute it’s hard to believe she’s real.


5. @TunaMeltsMyHeart

The 10 Cutest Animals on Instagram

I started following Tuna a couple years ago, and he is still one of my favorite insta-animals. Tuna is a “chiweenie” with an adorable overbite and the cutest shriveled neck I’ve ever seen. He also looks great in a bowtie, which is always a plus.


6. @ChinnyBuddy aka Mr. Bagel

The 10 Cutest Animals on Instagram

The fact that this chinchilla’s name is Mr. Bagel immediately makes him that much cuter. He’s a fan of grocery shopping, ice-cold beverages and washing his hands in his tiny chinchilla-sized sink.


7. @JamonThePig

The 10 Cutest Animals on Instagram

Jamon takes the cake when it comes to cute pigs on Instagram. Like Utacci, Jamon also has a large collection of costumes, enjoys a long, hot shower, and has the cutest curly tail out there.


8. @BarkelySirCharles


This little French bulldog has coined the hashtag #UpsidedownTuesday thanks to his affinity for napping on his back. He loves to cozy up with a good book and enjoys dressing up in festive outfits for holidays (and sometimes just for fun).


9. @Mumitan aka Pui

The 10 Cutest Animals on Instagram

Pui is an insta-bunny who takes dressing up in costumes very seriously. He lives in Tokyo and his owner makes all of his costumes for him. Impressive!


10. @IAmLilBub

The 10 Cutest Animals on Instagram

This little lady’s insta is all about her facial expressions. Unlike some other Insta animals (no offense, Pui), Bub doesn’t rely on fancy costumes to get likes. She’s a natural beauty, and her photos equal instant happiness.

And there we have it! Follow these 10 adorable animals and your Instagram feed is guaranteed to get a whole lot cuter. And also, make sure you’re following Lauren on Instagram (@LaurenConrad), because her pups Chloe and Fitz happen to be two of the cutest dogs out there.

Did I leave any off of the list?

Let me know who your must-follow Insta animals are in the comments, and I’ll make sure to check them out.

xo Rachel
Team LC