So…it’s officially July and you’ve been diligently sticking to our Summer Boot Camp plan for a few weeks now. You’re feeling healthy and confident when you hit the beach or pool. You may have even splurged on that new bikini you’ve had your eye on for a while now as a reward for all of your hard work (you go, girl). However, that moment right before you’re starting to feel comfortable in your bikini body is the most important time to turn your healthy routine into healthy habits that will stick way beyond the summer months. That said, today I’m going to share the ten most common habits of people who are always fit.

Incorporate these habits into your own life, and you will find that staying healthy just becomes a part of your daily lifestyle…

1. Never skip a workout.
Even if they only have 15 minutes to sweat, people who are dedicated to their fitness will never skip a workout they’ve planned that day. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have rest days—please do! Rest days are healthy and very important for your body. But if you’ve made a promise to yourself to work out 5 days a week, stick to it.

2. Mix up your routine.
Running three miles every day for a year will definitely keep you active, but it won’t do anything special for your body or your mind after you get used to it. Switching up your workout challenges your muscles, heart, and lungs and keeps your body guessing. This is how to go from being “in shape” to taking it to the next level.

3. View workouts positively.
People who enjoy workouts rarely think, “Ugh, I just want to get this workout over with.” Instead, working out is a high point in the day and something to look forward to. View your workout as a time to clear your mind and build up those endorphins that will have you feeling amazing post-sweat.

4. Eat real food.
Fit people wouldn’t consider sugary cereal, French fries, and hot dogs main staples in their diet. In fact, quite the opposite! Steer clear of processed food and junk food and consume real food almost 100% of the time. An ice cream cone or popcorn at the movies is fine once in a while (everything in moderation). But a diet high in veggies, lean protein, and fruit will do a body good.

5. Don’t compare.
People who are healthy, in shape, and confident with their figures generally avoid comparing their bodies to other people’s bodies. They also know where their “sweet spot” is, meaning they know their healthiest weight. Accepting that every person is different and that not everyone is a supermodel is the healthiest thing you can do mentally when you’re trying to get in shape.

6. Don’t wait for an occasion to get in shape.
Waiting for a wedding, an anniversary, or a special event to start working out will make you view fitness as a phase, not a lifestyle. Working out and eating healthy should be a part of your daily lifestyle, regardless if you have five special events coming up or none at all. That way, when you do have an occasion you want to get in shape for, you can kick your routine up a notch to see big results.

7. Get lots of sleep.
Getting enough zzz’s is the most underrated, yet important beauty and health secret. Snoozing is the only way to allow your muscles to repair after a workout and give you enough energy to work out to the best of your ability. It’s also critical for a strong immune system, a healthy metabolism, and anti-aging. Plus, sleeping has also shown to help curb unnecessary cravings and decrease appetite.

8. Drink enough water.
Just like getting enough sleep, drinking enough water will keep you hydrated and curb your appetite throughout the day. And did I mention it will help replace the hydration you lost while sweating out your workout? Yep, pretty necessary. Click here to find out how much water fit people are drinking each day.

9. Know when to cheat.
Eating a healthy diet of real foods is the cornerstone of staying fit, but knowing when to cheat will help you stay on track. For example, if you are deprived of your sugar cravings 24/7, you might find yourself knee-deep in a pint of ice cream (worst case scenario). Treat yourself to something you crave every once in a while so that you don’t fall victim to the deprive-binge cycle. I like to pick one weekend day when I allow myself to indulge in a pasta dish or sweet treat.

10. Focus on how you want to feel.
When you make a fitness goal that is centered around feeling a certain way rather than looking a certain way, you are much more likely to achieve the results you want. Fit people view looking good as a positive side effect of being healthy. They know that the biggest reward from eating healthy and working out is living a quality life and feeling happy.

Do you have any healthy diet or fitness habits you do every day?

Share your own list in the comments below. And keep working towards your goals!

Team LC