With summer in full swing, we’ve been paying extra attention to our fitness and diet routine. Because of all of the pool parties, beach days and outdoor activities we’ve been doing, looking and feeling good has never been more important. We’ve been fitting in some extra workouts, following our own flat belly tips, and blending up fresh smoothies in the AM to start our days off right. So while our mornings are covered, staying on track throughout the day can be quite a task…

We truly believe that smart snacking throughout the day can make all the difference in reaching our health and fitness goals. So today we’re dishing out our top three fit tips for healthy eating all day long. For us, the key to smarter snacking is being prepared, and having healthy eats on hand for when your cravings hit or your hunger turns into “hangry” (hungry + angry).

Team LC recently starting using NatureBox, a subscription snack service that delivers nutritious (and delicious) snacks to your doorstep on a monthly basis (and the shipping is free in the continental US). Let’s just say it has changed the way we snack forever! Their snacks include tasty treats like guacamole bites, chocolate quinoa granola and sourdough cheddar pretzels, which happen to be our #1 favorite here at HQ. Every month we get to choose which snacks are included in our box, so we can test out new bites every month. And not only do these snacks taste great, but they’re also made from wholesome ingredients and are nutritionist-approved. You won’t find any high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, trans fats, or artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors in a NatureBox snack.

So, to help all of us stay on track with our health and fitness goals (while getting to eat some pretty tasty treats), here are our 3 best fit tips for smarter snacking… Also, make sure to read all the way to the end of the post for an amazing giveaway and a NatureBox discount code!

Be Prepared 

The Benefits of Smarter Snacking featuring NatureBox

For those of us who work desk jobs or simply spend many hours a day in the office, it can be easy to fall victim to the dreaded snack attack. Picture this: It’s 3 p.m., your to-do list is growing rapidly, that healthy salad you ate for lunch has left you feeling hungry already, and the sugar or junk food cravings are starting to kick in. This scenario happens all too frequently. However, we’ve found the best way to combat this.

We’ve started keeping snacks from NatureBox at the office, which has helped tremendously with this dreaded mid-day snack attack. Our advice? Stock your desk with nutritious snacks that will keep you full and won’t wreak havoc on the bikini body you’ve been working so hard on. We always have a handful of NatureBox snacks in our desk drawers that we can pull out at a moment’s notice. Our favorite mid-day NatureBox snacks are the Sriracha Roasted Cashews, Big Island Pineapple and Country Ranch Peas. They keep us full, provide lots of nutrients and prevent against indulging in those not-so-great-for-you vending machine munchies.

Grab & Go

The Benefits of Smarter Snacking featuring NatureBox

When it comes to smarter snacking, always, always having a healthy bite on hand is a must. We’ve started throwing a couple favorite NatureBox snacks in our purses before we head out the door. When you have a selection of wholesome and delicious snacks at home, it makes it so easy to grab one or two before you leave for the day and throw them in your bag. This way, you’ll never be out and about and realize you haven’t eaten in hours, your hunger is out of control and the only food nearby is not exactly ideal. You’ll always find a bag of NatureBox Honey Mustard Dipping Sticks in our purse, which are the perfect tasty snack to munch on when unexpected hunger hits.

Fuel Up

The Benefits of Smarter Snacking featuring NatureBox

Smart snacking before and after a workout is an important part of reaching your personal health and fitness goals. It’s best to have a balanced snack that has protein and healthy carbohydrates post-workout because it helps to repair those tired muscles. We love to snack on NatureBox’s Baked Sweet Potato Fries after hitting the gym or going for a run. They give us the energy we need to push ourselves through the day without making us feel too full or sluggish. Eating a wholesome snack before a workout is also crucial for having enough energy to power through your sweat sesh.

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