Book Club: RSVP to my Live Chat

I hope that everyone is enjoying our latest book club read, Uganda Be Kidding Me by Miss Chelsea Handler. (And thank you to everyone who participated in my Q&A about the first half of the book!) This might be our funniest book club read yet. Today I wanted to shoot everyone a little reminder to mark your calendars for the live chat for this book. I do these live chats at the end of every book club, and I really look forward to them.

Our live online book chat from Uganda Be Kidding Me will be taking place a week from today, on Wednesday August 6th at 4pm PST.

Here’s what to expect…

On August 6th I will post a blog along with a Tweet and Facebook post to remind you to tune in to at 4pm PST to participate in our live book chat. Beginning that morning, you can leave any questions and points you’d like me to discuss in the comments section of the blog. I will sign on at 4pm for the live chat, which will be embedded in that same blog post. The chat will last 30 minutes, during which time I will be sharing my opinion about the book and asking you questions too. So mark your calendars for August 6th… And get excited!

Are you reading along with me?

XO Lauren


Photos: Elena Mir, Grand Central Publishing via Amazon