Lovely Libations: Infused Lemonade Two Ways

Lovely Libations: Infused Lemonade Two Ways
What goes into packing the perfect picnic is different for everyone. Some people like to bring tea sandwiches and potato chips; others prefer cheese and charcuterie. I personally love baking Lauren Lowstan’s mini pies for my beach picnics (more on those to come later this summer). But regardless of what munchies you bring in your basket, having a jug of cool, refreshing lemonade is a picnic must.

While I love how bittersweet traditional lemonade tastes, adding a little twist to this classic drink can really spice things up. With that in mind, the other day I created two infused lemonade recipes I think you all will love. Without further ado

Lavender Infused Lemonade

Lavender Infused Lemonade Ingredients:

  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup fresh lemon juice
  • 4 cups cold water
  • 3 Tbsp. dried lavender (for culinary use)
  • ice cube tray


  1. First, boil enough water to fill an ice cube tray. Boiling the water makes your ice cubes turn out clear, so that you will be able to see what’s inside of them. This is one of my favorite kitchen tricks.
  2. Let water cool, then fill tray half way. Freeze. Once frozen, place sprigs of dried lavender in each cube and fill to the top with water (using mint leaves works well, too). Freeze until all cubes are completely frozen.
  3. In a medium pot, combine 2 ½ cups of water with sugar and dried lavender. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, and simmer 5 minutes. Cover, and let stand one hour.
  4. Strain out the lavender by pouring your mixture through a strainer into a large jug. Add lemon juice and additional water. Stir your mixture.
  5. Refrigerate until cold, and serve with lavender ice cubes.

Rose Infused Lemonade

Rose Infused Lemonade Ingredients:

  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup fresh lemon juice
  • 4 cups cold water
  • 1 tablespoon rose water
  • lemon slices for garnish
  • rose petals
  • ice cube tray 


  1. Boil enough water to fill an ice cube tray, let cool, then fill tray half way. Freeze. Once frozen, place rose petals in each cube and fill to the top with water. Freeze until all cubes are completely frozen.
  2. Heat sugar and water on stove to dissolve sugar. Put sugar syrup mixture in the fridge and let cool for 2-3 hours.
  3. Juice lemons. Place lemon juice in a pitcher with sugar syrup, water, and rose water.
  4. Stir mixture and pour into glasses. Serve with rose petal ice cubes.

And there you have it. One little bonus tip…both of these lemonades taste much better when you drink them out of our Little Market pitchers and glasses! Both are available here.

What flavor would you infuse your own lemonade with?

Get creative and leave your recipe ideas in the comments below.

XO Lauren


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  • Sakurina

    It looks so cute and delicious!

  • Marta García

    It looks delicious. I love lemonade, I’d add straberry, but lavender and rose sound great!
    Best regards from Barcelona,

  • Ashley

    What a pretty drink for a get together!

  • B. Britnell

    oh! These looks SO good. Definitely trying this soon!

  • Lindsay Living Vegan

    Sounds so delicious!!

  • Siham Hamdan

    This looks delicious and refreshing, I will definitely try it with my friends! :) X

    | |

  • Joules

    Yum! Looks delicious for a hot summer afternoon.

    Style by Joules

  • Sarah

    Delicious! I made ordinary homemade lemonade once and it was really yummy. Wish we had more of it here in England!


  • Grace

    The lavender and the rose make the lemonade look so elegant and pretty! I want to try this for a dinner party, it makes the setting look gorgeous! :)

  • Mara Ferreira

    ooh can’t wait to try this!

  • Mockeri

    Must try this! Now to tend to my roses!

  • The Single Diaries

    Just had a lavender-infused cocktail this weekend, and it was delicious! This must be equally satisfying and more refreshing.


  • Meghan Gallagher

    I love doing raspberry mint lemonade. The color is just so pretty! I’m going to have to try freezing mint leaves (and maybe some berries!) in my ice cubes for an even prettier presentation.

    The Last Seattle Summer

  • Wctj

    Looks pretty! But what about pesticide or chemicals on the roses? Do they need to be food grade? is there such a thing? It should be mentioned.

  • Nikki

    how does the lavender lemonade turn pink??

  • Yosi

    So…where can I buy lavender?

  • Nicole Smith

    I need to try the lavender infused lemonade.

  • claire

    I made the lavender one two days ago and it is delicious! it was a little strong so i added extra water.. other than that it was amazing! :)

  • jemma

    Can’t wait to try out this recipe

  • Kirsten

    Love these! I made rhubarb infused lemonade the other day and I loved it! I think you could use the same recipe for a ton of different flavors, like lavender, mint, or any fruit!

    XO, k




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