's Gym Etiquette Tips

The warm weather has arrived, pretty peonies are in season and the pool parties have begun. It’s official: summer is about to begin. Which means that swimsuit season is also here. If you’re following Lauren’s summer boot camp, you’ve probably been hitting the gym a little bit extra over these last few weeks.

Whether it’s getting in some extra treadmill time or signing up for a new class, we’ve been logging lots of time at the gym lately. So to make sure that none of us unknowingly break any Ladylike Laws when we sweat it out, I’ve put together five etiquette tips to keep in mind during your next workout. Take a look…

Keep it Clean 

Let’s face it… gyms aren’t exactly the most sanitary of places. You’re using machines and equipment that have been handled by lots and lots of different people. And who knows if any of them are coming down with a nasty cold or flu. So, to protect yourself and your fellow fitness enthusiasts from catching a bug, make sure to wipe down your machine or equipment when you’re all done. Even if you’re not afraid of germs, it’s just plain polite to clean whatever equipment you’re workout out with before moving on to the next.

Dress Code 

There is a little bit of controversy around this topic… And I do feel that if you’re proud of your body, you deserve to flaunt it. However, it can be a bit distracting to people around you if your workout ensemble is essentially underwear (or something skimpier…). Especially when you’re going to be stretching, jumping or running, it’s easy for a teeny tiny workout top to come out of place and show more skin that you had planned. My rule of thumb? If I wouldn’t wear it in front of my parents, I wouldn’t wear it to the gym.

Ask Away 

This rule is less about manners and more about protecting yourself from injury… Don’t be afraid to ask someone (whether it’s a trainer or a fellow gym-goer) how to use a piece of equipment, or the right way to do a move in a group class. It’s way better to ask first, have someone do a demo for you, and work it out the right way than try it yourself and end up getting hurt.

No Cuts 

When there is a wait for a certain machine or a line for the water fountain, make sure to wait your turn. Sometimes there will even be a sign-in sheet for an especially popular machine or piece of equipment, which makes this much easier. But in the case where there’s no formal system, keep common courtesy in mind and wait it out. Cutting in front of another gym-goer is not only bad etiquette… it’s also the quickest way to become the least favorite member of your gym.

Class Rules 

When attending a workout class at your local gym or studio, there are a couple rules to follow. First, follow along. The point of attending a class is to be instructed, and if you decide to make up your own routine or go at your own pace, it can throw off your classmates. (I’ve actually been in a Bikram yoga class where a girl was thrown out for not following along with the teacher!) Also, if it’s your first time going to a class, don’t stand/sit in the front row. You’ll learn faster by watching the pros in the front row, and won’t throw anyone off who may be following your moves. Finally, be on time. It can be quite distracting when someone is super late to a class, so do your best to get there on time (if not early!).

Most of these rules seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised by the amount of people at the gym who march to the beat of their own elliptical.

Do you have any gym etiquette tips to add to the list?

Leave them in the comments!

xo Rachel
Team LC