Tuesday Ten: Wedding Photos Every Couple Should Take

One common thought that I’ve heard from many of my recently married friends is that the day goes by in a flash. You spend months and months planning, and then it’s over in a matter of hours. There’s not much getting around that, I suppose, which is why it’s so important to have beautiful photos that will last you a lifetime. Your wedding is only one day, but the photos are something you have to cherish and hang on to forever. So, with, that in mind, I’ve been working with my wedding photographer Elizabeth Messina to put together a list of the moments that I want to capture on my big day. From cute shots with my ‘maids to romantic portraits of William and I, here are 10 wedding day snaps on my must-take list…

Tuesday Ten: Wedding Photos Every Couple Should Take

1. Tangled
Entwine the two of you in your flowing veil for an intimate, romantic portrait.

Tuesday Ten: Wedding Photos Every Couple Should Take

2. Candid Camera
Posed portraits are stunning, but it’s also sweet to capture candid moments like this one during dinner.

Tuesday Ten: Wedding Photos Every Couple Should Take

3. Happy Feet
Let your wedding shoes have the spotlight in a photo focusing on just the hem of your gown and your footwear.

Tuesday Ten: Wedding Photos Every Couple Should Take

4. Jump for Joy
It is the happiest day of your life after all… If that doesn’t deserve a little jumping on the bed, I don’t know what does.

Tuesday Ten: Wedding Photos Every Couple Should Take

5. Cluster of Bridesmaids
Having your bridesmaids pose in a less traditional formation makes for a breathtaking shot that feels very editorial.

Tuesday Ten: Wedding Photos Every Couple Should Take

6. Bridal Headshot
Along with all of the portraits of you and your hubby and your whole wedding party, take the opportunity to snap a few individual shots showing off your hair and makeup.

Tuesday Ten: Wedding Photos Every Couple Should Take

7. Completely Floored
If your gown has a full skirt with lots of tulle and lace, take a seated photo with your dress spread out all around you.

Tuesday Ten: Wedding Photos Every Couple Should Take

8. Soft Focus
Play with perspective when you’re capturing details like the cake by having you and your hubby out of focus in the background.

Tuesday Ten: Wedding Photos Every Couple Should Take

9. Wide Angle
If your venue has a view, make sure to get a wide shot that includes the breathtaking landscape around you.

Tuesday Ten: Wedding Photos Every Couple Should Take

10. Rainy Romance
If it happens to rain on your wedding, don’t let it ruin your day. All you need is a clear umbrella to get this utterly romantic shot.

So romantic! I’m looking forward to recreating a few of these shots on my own big day.

Do you have any must-have wedding photos to add to my list?

Let me know below.

XO Lauren

P.S. Here’s my advice on how to look amazing in photos.

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  • http://hollydolly88.blogspot.com.au Holly

    I love these shots I have been saving photos of different versions of the couple under the veil I love that one so romantic!
    I love your Wedding/ Bridal posts!!
    xo Holly xo


  • Katie Albury

    So beautiful! Your wedding photography is definitely one of the most important and lasting aspects of a wedding…I wish I had taken a group shot or more photos of our guests as I look back now and think I should have had more photographs with family… particularly older generations or family that live so far away.
    Katie x

  • http://www.laurelloves.com/ Laurel Loves

    Love pictures and ideas! I had quite a few of these on my own wedding day – so amazing to look back as the day goes so quickly!


  • Grace Denny

    Oh my lord! These are absolutely adorable!

    XO, G from grace’d

  • Beth F.

    Get a silhouette photo. Mine and my husband’s is my favorite pic from our wedding day.

  • Victoria Hopfeld

    The bride and groom blowing glitter to the camera. Love that sparkle look! And also photos taken during the golden hour in a romantic place like a wood or natural park.

  • Vicky Bracken

    Love all those pictures … They are fabs! We had our wedding in Thailand last November … Here are some of it … ***xoxo***

    • http://www.smart-twenties.com/ Samantha Brown


      Sam xx

  • http://dreamliveandrepeat.blogspot.com/ Ashley

    These are great ideas!


  • Vivi

    Don’t forget about your “furry” flower girl!!

  • Katelin

    No, Unfortunately my photographer did not capture any really Wow moments. She did a good job as far as picture quality, but she managed to totally skip out on outdoor pictures and pictures of just my husband and I and I was a little disappointed when we saw our pictures and did not have many of those “special moments.” As the bride you depend on your photographer to capture these moments, and you should never have to direct them on your wedding day nor worry about the pictures.


  • Ivana B.

    At my friends’ it was raining all day long. But still it kind of was beautiful. And I love this picture the photographer took.


  • Katy Mastrantonio

    What a great post!!!
    Wonderful pictures and great ideas you gave us, I will note them for my next wedding 😉


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  • http://everydayingrace.blogspot.ca/ Grace

    I’m so glad I have this list! I’ve bookmarked it so I can use it when the big day comes 😉


  • Charlotte Copeland

    Such amazing inspiration x


  • Elizabeth

    I love all of the above, and it has given me some fabulous ideas to pass onto my photographer for the big day ahead in July.

    Elizabeth x | http://www.candyflosscurlscupcakesandcouture.com

  • Guest

    We had our wedding in March, and a photo in the rain was one of my favourites!

  • Guest

    We got married in March this year, and it rained, but this has to be one of my fav pictures!

  • Daniel Martin

    Me and my wife…Nuff said…

    • Daniel Martin

      Me and wife praying before the ceremony

  • Cassidy Short

    Love these! Gorgeous :)




  • http://www.noirettediary.com/ Siham Hamdan

    How lovely! I can only dream about this day maaaany years later in my life haha! But I love when people get married, I’m going to a friend’s wedding this weekend, I’m so excited. Definitely the picture with pets is a must!

    | http://www.noirettediary.com |

  • Lisa Bundy

    Gorgeous pics! Pinned them all on my Beautiful Brides pinboard!

    What jewelry are you wearing for your big day?!!! I’d love to help style you in lovely Chloe + Isabel! Check out my boutique at http://www.chloeandisabel.com/boutique/lisab and my biz page, http://www.facebook.com/lisabforchloeandisabel! Lifetime guarantee!

  • Clombar

    Married in Cancun this past Fall. It rained the entire day so we decided to embrace the experience :)

  • http://www.jenshootsweddings.com/ Jennifer

    Love all these images, but keep in mind that they’re not all realistic for each wedding, and that trying too hard can also come across in images. When thinking about your wedding images, keep the focus on YOU as a couple and what YOU two enjoy. It will keep your wedding stress-free, and most of all, enjoyable.

  • http://www.sparrow.nu Annie

    These are amazing photos! My favourite would have to be the “soft focus” picture with the bokeh and the cake in focus. Nice touch!

    Annie @ Sparrow.nu

  • http://www.smart-twenties.com/ Samantha Brown

    My favourite is the second photo for sure – nothing beats a candid photo with a real smile :)

    Sam xx
    http://www.smart-twenties.com – how to make the most of your twenties

  • Guest

    The back of the dress!

  • Jontay Jongsma

    The back of the dress, with the one who is giving you away

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    I think the “must-have” shots are lots of candid ones. Not posing, just in the moment. Posed ones are great, but the best photos from our wedding are the ones where we didn’t know they were being taken and we just look in love and so happy.

    For the recipe, healthy living tips and exercises that helped me lose 100lbs and keep it off, check out my blog: http://www.hungryhealthyhappy.com

  • Lisa

    People should wish for rainy weddings rather than sunny ones. Rainy wedding photos have the best, most flattering, and ethereal lighting. Sunny wedding photos look stark and the sunlight is too harsh and unflattering.

  • Guest

    I think on of the best shots is when the groom sees his bride for the first time. It is priceless and you definitely need a photo like those below! <3

  • mslibri

    I think one of the best shots is when the groom sees his bride for the first time. It is priceless and you definitely need a photo like those below. <3

    • Trish

      This is my hubby and I running to get out of the rain. We were supposed to take pics outside but it poured. There was a break in the rain, we went out to take a quick picture and it started again. He’s holding my dress so I wouldn’t get it wet/dirty.

  • http://www.rachelslookbook.com/ Rachel

    All of these are so so so so so fabulous!

  • mslibri

    And this guy makes some of the most gorgeous wedding photos I have seen so far.


  • Guest

    We took pictures in a courthouse that had a beautiful staircase.

    • britney


  • Becca

    We took pictures in a courthouse that had a beautiful staircase!

  • Nicole Smith

    I love these pictures!

  • Sarah Swensson King

    One of our faves was my flowing cathedral length veil, it just really captured an ethereal moment!

  • Lucy

    “…romantic portraits of William and ME” not I, sorry Lauren! Stunning post, I can’t wait to see the photos from your big day!
    x Lucy

  • Joanne

    We got married on the only rainy day in August…but the pictures were fabulous.

  • Joanne

    We got married on the only rainy day in the summer….but the pictures were great…

  • Jaclyn Dougherty

    The back of my wedding dress had a corset type and our photographer got a pic of my mother and mother-in-law stringing it all together and looking happy :) I also have a close up of my husband at the alter…as . I was walking down the aisle, he was crying..hard and the moment he was wiping his tears, a pic was captured…I adore that picture and it hangs in our bedroom on the wall on my side of the bed…hope you het some great photos you can always look back on and remember that special day and what your relationship means to you…even when times get tough..congrats and best wishes lady!

  • Hofit

    I think it’s a must to make a trash the dress photo shoot it’s the most unique pictures! On the beatch or under water. And for the wedding day, the photografer told my friend to hold my veil and throw it in the air while me and my husband holing hands- it looks like a butterfly! Search for the photografer Idan hasson! He is an artist! And was a fashion photografer too.

  • rcon1

    My favorite is Jeff and Amber Jenkes http://jeffplusamber.com/ There so good at what they do

  • Jacqueline

    My favourite would have to be the candid shot, the bride only head and dress shots and the umbrella shot!

    Jacqueline xx


  • http://www.thesinglediaries.com/ The Single Diaries

    A great list and one I think all brides should keep in mind! A word of advice (from personal experience at my sister’s wedding): you can slow down your day. Continually remind yourself to take in the moment and savor it. This helped me really enjoy the evening, and it didn’t feel like it went by in such a flash. :)

    The Single Diaries

  • Karen

    For my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding they took a picture of my brother (the groom) and his grooms men running on a bridge… it was so cute.

  • http://peachypains.com/ Kelby, PeachyPains

    one of my favorite photos from my wedding was a group shop of everyone who attended my wedding 7 years ago. Every year my husband and I pull out our wedding photos and recall the day. It’s fun to go through the group photo and think back how much life has changed, not just us, but all of our family and friends, since our special moment. For example: friends who got married, had babies, those who are no longer in relationships, got divorced, and got re-married. Amazing to see the transformation of those around you.


  • grandmanita

    Don’t forget the bride and her dad! That relationship (if he’s one of the good guys) is one to be cherished – – Dancing with Dad, waiting for your time to go down the aisle, something spontaneous. Dad’s face when “giving her away is just as precious as groom’s face seeing her the first time on the big day!

  • Justine

    A picture of Father of the Bride in the background of a shot of the bride and groom.

  • Christine Hennis

    My daughter LOVES her grandfather and would not leave him alone during the ceremony…he just patted the top of her head during the ceremony and after the kiss picked her up to walk down the aisle with my step mother. She and her family loved it, his 5 kids (myself as best “man”, obviously the eldest daughter) thought it showed such acceptance of our big chaotic family and the guests thought she was theirs! lol Made for a very sweet picture of the moment 2 families became one!

  • Crystal Marie Young-Lewis

    I am a African American female and so of us are known to do a tradition called jumping the broom..you do you think?

  • Crystal Marie Young-Lewis

    Here you go!

  • Crystal Marie Young-Lewis

    I am a African American..and sometimes we do something called jumping the broom..What do you think?!

  • Genava Gisondi

    As a wedding photographer- I think one solid stunning portrait of the couple is a must and often gets lost in the shuffle of all these modern photographs with “cutesy” ideas. Not that they aren’t wonderful and beautiful, but don’t forget about the traditional must haves! I also think another great modern one to add to your list is a night time portrait of the couple. The venue often changes completely from day to night so it’s wonderful to show that off! Here’s recent examples of each.

  • Meg’s mom

    Just the bride & flower girls

  • Dani

    The bride enjoying the party is a must have too! :)

  • christinalikesbirds

    I’m a wedding photographer based in Dallas, and I always make sure to get shots of the parents of the bride and groom watching the vows and the first dance. So much emotion. And first looks are my favorite moment every time.

  • Photographer who loves LOVE

    Love these! I am a wedding photographer and I always look for these moments

  • Tesle Telan

    Oh my gosh Lauren!!! Youre my inspiration!!!! http://www.tesletelan.com


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