Odds & Ends: Spring Flower Guide

Flowers are without a doubt one of my favorite simple pleasures in life. Whether I’m picking up some fresh cut blooms from my local farmers market, spending the day flower arranging with Team LC, or enjoying a visit to Southern California’s flower fields, I am always in awe of this colorful and fragrant gift from Mother Nature. And with springtime finally here, I’m looking forward to all the pretty perennials that are currently in season.

Keep in mind that seasonal flowers vary depending on where you live. The flowers I chose to highlight below are all in peak season in California this time of year, but that might vary from coast to coast. I really encourage you to find out what’s in bloom right now in your hemisphere. Part of the magic of flowers is that they’re so fleeting. Your favorite flower might only be in season for a month or two each year, so it’s nice to savor it while it’s here. And if you’re getting married, the smartest way to save on flowers is choosing blooms that are in season. Otherwise they have to be flown in from far away.

Without further ado, here is my mini encyclopedia of spring blooms…


Cabbage roses:




Sweet Peas:





What’s your favorite spring flower?

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xo Ilana
Team LC

Photo: Hooray Hurrah