As most of you know, my friend Hannah and I recently traveled to Guatemala to meet our artisan partners and find fair trade treasures to sell on While we were there, we were able to take a lot of amazing video footage, thanks to our photographer friend Yoni Goldberg and Hannah’s brother Jacob Taylor. We’ve recently edited all of our favorite clips into one gorgeous video that truly captures this trip abroad. The way the finished video turned out is pretty special.

Take a peek below for a little sneak preview, and then head over to for a longer version…

Click HERE to see the entire video.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing Guatemala through our eyes! A huge thanks to Jacob for filming and editing this video. Stay tuned for our next big adventure.

Where do you suggest we travel next?

XO Lauren

P.S. To see all the snapshots from our Guatemala trip, check out my Photo Diary by clicking here.

Video by Jacob Taylor