Edible Obsession: Ombre Cake Two WaysYou could say I’m a pretty big of the whole ombre trend. I love ombre hair color, ombre manicures, and, most recently, ombre desserts. The other day I saw an ombre frosted cake on Pinterest, and I knew I would have to try it out at the next baking photoshoto with my editorial team. What I have come to realize is that you can actually make an ombre cake two different ways: ombre on the outside and ombre on the inside. I got together with my team, my photographer Yoni Goldberg, and my baker friend Lauren Lowstan to take a shot at making both versions of ombre cake. And I must admit, the results did not disappoint.

Today I will be showing you how to make ombre cake two different ways, starting from the outside in…

Frosted Mint Ombre Cake
Frosted Mint Ombre Cake

You will need:

Ombre Mint FrostingInstructions:

1. Divide your frosting evenly into three bowls. Take your green food coloring (of any color of your preference), and dye each bowl a different shade of green by adding a few drop to the first bowl, more drops to the middle bowl, and even more to the last bowl.

2. Scoop each bowl of frosting into three separate piping bags.

3. Start with a crumb coated cake on a turning cake stand (See tutorial below for instructions!).

4. Starting with the darkest shade of green, pipe frosting onto the bottom third of the cake. Then, with the middle shade, pipe frosting onto the middle of the cake. Finish with your lightest shade of frosting, and continue that color onto the top third of the cake.

How to Make Frosted Mint Ombre Cake
5. With an offset spatula and hemming ruler, smooth the frosting out into an even layer, trying not to mix the colors together. Smooth out the top of the cake until you have nice straight edges on the top.

How to Make Frosted Mint Ombre CakeHow to Make Frosted Mint Ombre CakeHow to Make Frosted Mint Ombre Cake
6. You can keep your frosting smooth or add some texture like we did by moving your wrist in an “s” motion with an offset spatula. 

How to Make Frosted Mint Ombre Cake
7. For the finishing touch, add a few pretty candles or a DIY cake topper to your creation…and voilà! 

How to Make Frosted Mint Ombre Cake

Pink Surprise Ombre Cake
Pink Surprise Ombre Cake

You will need:

  • your favorite flavor cake batter
  • frosting (I prefer to use white when the inside is colorful)
  • food dye
  • round baking pans
  • offset metal spatula


1. Start with a white cake batter and divide batter evenly among six bowls. Using red color food coloring, tint each bowl a different hue of pink by adding a few more drops to each bowl, just how we did for the mint ombre frosting above.

2. Add batter to six different pans of the same size (or as many as you have) and bake as directed. Let cakes cool to room temperature and wrap in plastic wrap. Place your cakes in the freezer for 15 minutes, or fridge for an hour. (It’s a lot easier to assemble your cake when it is very cold).

3. With a bread knife, cut the tops off of each cooled cake layer, so you no longer have domed cake tops. You want your layers to turn out as straight as possible.

4. Layer and frost the cake using an offset spatula, making sure to go in order from dark to light, or light to dark.

5. Once your cake is assembled, crumb coat the whole cake. Crumb coating is simply applying a very light layer of frosting over the whole cake to catch all of those crumbs.

6. Set the cake in the fridge to harden for 15-20 minutes. Once the outside layer of your cake has cooled, frost your cake as you like.

7. Lauren Lowstan’s Tip: I love adding some texture to my frosting, whether it be horizontal lines (as pictured) or a rustic wave motion.

Pink Surprise Ombre CakePink Surprise Ombre CakePink Surprise Ombre Cake
And there you have it! Now tell me…

What color will you make your ombre cakes?

XO Lauren

P.S. A big thanks to Yoni for taking these gorgeous photos and to Lauren Lowstan for her amazing tutorial!

P.P.S. Here are three adorable DIY cake toppers.


Photos: Yoni Goldberg for LaurenConrad.com