DIY: Glitter Photo Backdrop

As you probably know by now, all of your editors are big advocates of handcrafted party décor. From DIY cake toppers to glittery garlands, it’s the best and most cost-effective way to give your party a personal touch. With that in mind, we are very excited to share this fun DIY photo backdrop from our friends at Inspired By This. Whether you’re looking for a custom backdrop for your wedding photo booth or simply a sweet spot for friends to snap Instagrams at your next party, we think you’ll love this glittery DIY.

The very best thing about this backdrop is that it’s easy to break down and transport from place to place. You can reuse it for as many parties as you’d like, or even make other decorative canvases to fit your frame. Here’s how to make it…

Here’s What You Will Need:

DIY: Glitter Photo Backdrop

  • canvas dropcloth
  • gold large confetti
  • spray adhesive
  • curtain clips
  • PVC pipes
    – two 7-foot-long 3/4″ pipes
    – two 3-foot-long 3/4″ pipes
    – four 1.5-foot-long 3/4″ pipes
    – one 3/4″ coupling
    – two 3/4″ corner “elbows”
    – two 3/4″ tees

DIY: Glitter Photo Backdrop


  1. Gather all of your PVC pieces to start creating your backdrop frame. First, Connect the two 3-foot-long pieces with a coupling in the middle to create a 6-foot-long top bar.
  2. Add the elbows to the ends of this 6-foot piece.
  3. Feed the curtain clip rings onto the 6-foot pipe
  4. Connect the 7-foot-long pipes to these elbows to create a big “U” structure.
  5. Secure the tees to the bottom of the 7-foot poles and connect the 1.5-foot pipes to either side creating “feet” for your backdrop.
  6. Lay out the dropcloth and fold the top according to the length you want the curtain to hang at
  7. After laying out and folding your canvas dropcloth, coat the fabric with a generous layer of spray adhesive
  8. Scatter the gold confetti flecks all over the dropcloth, making sure it is evenly distributed throughout the entire thing
  9. Spray the entire fabric with another coat of the adhesive to ensure confetti is stuck (*Note: A clear coat of spray paint after the second layer of adhesive can also be used to limit the stickiness)
  10. Clip the canvas to the curtain rings on the top bar, spacing evenly
  11. Voila!  Stand it up and you have a custom glittering backdrop for your next party. There are so many variations on color, pattern, and texture that you could do with this process so feel free to have fun with it. Make it your own!

DIY: Glitter Photo Backdrop

Are you going to try this sparkly party DIY?

Let us know if you have any other fun decorating ideas in mind.

XO Team LC

Photos:  Inspired by This