Beach Approved: 12 Essential Beach Bag Items

Beach Approved: 12 Essential Beach Bag Items
Hey ladies, it’s Anna again from Fash Boulevard! Whether you’re headed out on a day trip to the beach this summer or living the dream spending your summer working oceanside, a properly stocked beach bag is key to maximizing your time in the sun and sand. Below are my 12 functional and affordable beach bag must-haves…

Beach Approved: 12 Essential Beach Bag Items
1. The Bag.
Every beach trip needs a generously sized carryall, which is why finding an extra cute one is essential. This super durable Hayden Reis beach bag is made of sailcloth, plus it’s lightweight and water resistant, making it the perfect beach companion.

Bag via Hayden Reis, $144

2. Beach hat.

Keeping a hat in your bag is a cardinal rule when it comes to the subject of sun protection. It can protect your scalp and cut down on the rays that are hitting on your face and neck.

Hat via Vineyard Vines, $28

3. Sunglasses.
When it comes to pretty much any outdoor trip, sunglasses are an obvious requirement. I like to pack an inexpensive pair (something under $20) so that my more expensive everyday sunnies don’t get scratched or lost in the ocean.

Sunglasses via Amazon, $4.97

Beach Approved: 12 Essential Beach Bag Items
4. Water resistant phone pouch.
Between the water, sand and sun, the beach is filled with things that can damage your phone. This water resistant pouch is a lifesaver. It will keep your phone crazy protected, has a headphone or speaker connector so your cords don’t have to stick out the top, and is touch-sensitive so you don’t have to remove your phone to control it.

Pouch by Dry Pro, $39.99

5. Phone battery extender.
The beach is not nearly as fun if you can’t blast your tunes from your phone or—let’s be honest—post fun summer photos to Instagram. This inexpensive battery extender acts as an outlet and will provide some boost your phone’s battery life when you find yourself far from your charger.

Battery extender by Pocket Juice, $59.99

6. Reading material.
Improve your tan and your mind… With so many distractions, short articles are much easier to conquer at the beach, which is why magazines are a beach favorite. This summer, try picking up something a little more inspirational like Miracles Now. It’s filled with little tips and short advice articles that will leave you glowing on the inside and out.

Miracles Now by Gabrielle Bernstein, $14.97

Beach Approved: 12 Essential Beach Bag Items
7. Beach spiker.
My favorite beach accessory right now is this wildly adorable (an monogrammed!) beach spiker. This simple yet totally brilliant invention will keep your beach beverages sand-free.

Spike by Carly’s Customs, $9.00

8. Sunscreen.
We’ve all been taught the importance of sunscreen from a young age, which is why protection from harsh rays is a must. According to, 80% of skin cancer is found on the nose, so don’t forget to apply to this sensitive sunburn spot when lathering up. Use a sunscreen stick to spot-apply.

Sunscreen by Australian Gold, $7.22

9. Sunscreen lip balm.
Your lips need sunscreen too! This all-in-one lip balm will keep your lips hydrated and protected.

Lip balm by Banana Boat, $1.97

10. Leave-in-conditioner.
Growing up, my mom would always twirl in some leave-in-conditioner before leaving the beach to rehydrate her hair. This simple beauty addition will keep your hair moist and soft rather than dry and sun-damaged.

Conditioner by John Frieda, $5.99

11. After-sun moisturizer.
It’s no secret that salt water and sun can dry your skin out, so it’s important to use an after-sun moisturizer to revitalize your skin. It will also help extend the life of your tan, which (let’s be honest) is really the most important thing!

Moisturizer by Hawaiian Tropic, $6.79

12. Wristlet.
Ideal for holding your essentials like your keys and money, this mini beach bag makes bathroom and restaurant runs super easy.

Wristlet by Hayden Reis, $32

Beach Approved: 12 Essential Beach Bag Items

What are some of your beach bag essentials?

Share them with us in the comments below!

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  • Jade Lee Wright

    No ways!!! Some of those things I’ve never even heard of! Like the pocket juice battery saver!! That’s very cool!! Living in South Africa and being a surfer I spend a lot of time by the beach so this would be wonderful!
    I love the beach spiker too! What a great idea!! :)
    Thanks for this – Ebay here I come :) hehe

    With love from South Africa,

  • Ashley

    There are some very cute ideas here!! Those heart shaped sunnies are perfect for “beachy”, warm weather!

  • Melanie Jong

    This is such a helpful post! I really want the water resistant case.

  • Much More Than Words
  • Cristina Gomez

    I love the bag and the spiker is such a great idea! I had no idea it existed : )

  • johnna
  • Ashley @ A Lady Goes West

    Great essentials. In fact, with vacation on my mind, I just wrote about my recent beach vacation favorites actually …

  • Annie

    A couple of things:

    – A beach towel or picnic blanket to sit on
    – A change of clothes in case yours get wet
    – Plastic bags to hold extra stuff
    – SNACKS!!

    I REALLY like the idea of leave in conditioner. I’m heading to Vietnam/Japan this summer, which I’ll be hitting up some beaches :)

    Annie @

  • Ashley Rizzardo

    I always have a container of berries for a snack and a few bottles of water.

    All That Glitters

  • Heather P.

    I never even thought about a pouch for my phone – great idea!

    I always make sure to lug around a huge bottle of water – can’t be too hydrated in the heat!

  • BerryBloomXO

    The phone pouch is genius! I love the pattern of the bag too, super cute! <3

    I just wish that London weather looks more the the summer, whereas it's dull and rainy right now :(


  • Laurel Loves

    That beach bag is absolutely gorgeous! Love the beach spiker too – what a cool idea :)

  • Jamie W

    Love the water resistant phone pouch idea!

    Jamie W

  • Janel Costa Matos

    I love that bag so much! And the water resistant phone pouch is definitely a must!

  • Blakely


    It’s like magic for getting skin sand free.

  • Lindsay Living Vegan

    I’m in love with it all!!

  • Amberw

    So many great ideas. I love the spike and both bags.

  • Tia Wood

    LOVE this list!! Except I’d probably throw some snacks and water in there—the ocean makes you hungry!! And a good camera for cute beach pics!

  • Shea L.

    Sooo helpful!! Thanks for sharing :)

    XoXo Shea L.

  • Katelin

    Is it not amazing the things a woman needs just for a beach day! I def need that phone pouch! I normally just throw it into a zip lock bag! lol I always have lemon juice in my bag to lighten up my hair. and yes it works! I never have colored my hair, so in the summer I use lemon juice while at the beach or cruise and my hair lightens up just in that week. I always make sure to deep condition a couple times a week after I do this! :)

  • sarahjems

    Wow, that beach bag is darling. I love the colors and the spike and battery thing are great suggestions. Thanks, Ana.

  • EmilyV

    love the beach spiker idea for your drinks!

  • Joules

    I always pack my kindle. I love the e-ink and how it’s readable even in bright sunlight.

    BTW, that pink flamingo bag is too cute!

    Style by Joules

  • Emily

    Definitely need some snacks in there- and a kindle! :)

  • Lucy O

    Love the beach spiker! :) Books would have to be at the top of my list, ooh and snacks and a drink! :p xx

  • Sisterglam

    Obsessed with that bag!!

  • Ghazaleh Kermaani

    the beach spiker is awesome! i also like that you’re keeping it real with the phone backup charger. If it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen.


  • arielle q.

    om, that beach spiker is genius! and I love all of these beachy picks. especially that waterproof pouch for iphone. why didn’t I think of that??

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  • Chelsey McNamara

    Just bought my spike on etsy! in pink of course!

  • Moriah
  • Hailey
  • Samantha Kay

    If only I were this organized for the beach. Love that cupholder though. Pinning it for my Pins of the Week on Friday.

  • Katie Albury

    Absolutely love this post! Especially as I’ve started to pack for my holidays! Whoop! Since reading this, I’ve purchased a phone case, charger and am searching for a few other bits that I can get over her in the UK! Brilliant post- love it!
    Katie x

  • Chrissy Myers

    I literally have not heard of half of these things. You are the BOMB, Anna. Still a fan :)

  • kellsxxoo

    This is the cutest beach bag set up I’ve ever seen!

  • JulesW

    Knotical Key Fob (clips right on beach bag) & bracelets. Both made of marine grade rope – perfect for beach- fashionable and functional!

  • Jen

    Great read! The beach spiker idea is just brilliant :)

  • Eda

    I like your beach essentials list Lauren, but I cannot justify recommending a plastic beach bag that costs 150$. Sorry but just being honest…

  • Siham Hamdan

    The Beach Spiker is brilliant lol! I’m with you on the cheap sunnies cause I’m the type of person that ends up losing them at the beach

    | |

  • Katie Albury

    Such a fab post! Perfect timing as I start to pack for our holiday- I’ve brought the iphone case and battery charger since reading this!
    Katie x

  • Nicole Smith

    That’s pretty much what I take to the beach, but I LOVE the beach spiker!

  • The Single Diaries

    That beach spiker for beverages is genius! If you’re looking for more beach read suggestions, click here for my list.

    The Single Diaries

  • Allison

    Great ideas except for the cheap sunglasses. Cheap sunglasses do not block UV rays well. They will say they have UV blocking, but it is minimal. This is dangerous because the dark sunglasses make your pupils dilate and this allow the UV rays to enter. According to one article I read, no sunglasses are better than cheap ones because at least your pupil stays constricted.

  • Lynn

    Put a container of baby powder in your bag…sprinkle on children’s feet , then wipe off sand without causing stinging to their feet. Helps leave the sand at the beach.

  • Michelle Daniels

    Love this! I wish the bag was more affordable, but I agree it is totally adorable!
    – Michelle

  • Lisa Kudrow

    All great recommendations! I believe a beach trip can go from dreamy to nightmarish in a spark so the best way to avoid any unforeseen meltdowns is to have a well-packed beach bag. Well for me, these are don’t-leave-home-without-them items that are essentials for the beach: swimsuit, roomy beach tote, colorful cover-up, sun hat, flat sandals or flip flops, oversized sunglasses, lots of sunscreen, beach towel, Phone battery extender, camera, music player, sand toys and a few beauty essentials.

  • Drogio

    Beach towels are not in the list :)
    Turkish towels are great for beach. They are on top of my essential beach bag items.
    They are 2-3 times more compact, faster-drying than regular beach towels.
    Easily transportable and perfect for travelling. You can check some lovely Turkish towels at

  • Solbari

    Great post! We enjoyed reading about your 12 beach bag essentials.
    We love spending time outdoors and at the beach but also taking great care of our skin by wearing fashionable sun protective garments!

  • Jenny Chen

    Thanks for sharing!

    But to hold all your belongings,you’ll have to choose a good beach bag first.I bought two at:

    You may want to have a look.



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