April is the perfect month to start off a season full of road trips. Between driving to music festivals (Coachella, anyone?) and making trips up and down the coast, April’s spring weather lends itself to adventures galore. With road trips in mind, I enlisted the girls of Team LC to help me come up with a playlist for hitting the open road.

Listen to these upbeat tunes below the next time you’re in the car or just when you need a soundtrack for outdoor activities as the weather warms up…

1. Matt Kearney – Runaway

2. Empty Streets – Ghost Beach

3. Dreamers – Scavenger Hunt

4. Good Mistake – Mr. Little Jeans

5. Peaches – In The Valley Below

6. We’re All Stuck Out In the Desert – Johnathan Rice

7. Dream Machines – Big Deal

8. Forget It – Blood Orange

9. Float – Pacific Air

10. If You Didn’t See Me (Then You Weren’t On the Dance Floor) – Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Which song is your favorite?

And, are you going to any music festivals this year?

Leave your own list of favorite road trip songs in the comments below. I’ll take a listen!

XO Lauren