Outfit 1Hey ladies, it’s Anna again from Fash Boulevard. Having the right hero piece in your wardrobe will not only jazz up an ensemble, it will also amplify a great look without being too flashy. There’s no denying that scarves hold all the power when it comes to winter ensembles, but with flowers in bloom, we must find the appropriate seasonal piece that possess the ability to push an ensemble forward. Cue the ultra-fabulous and always effective statement necklace.

Whether you add a stacked crystal necklace to dress up your corporate button-down, or a candy-colored bauble to offset a neutral ensemble, the right necklace can avoid a look from becoming bland—like a true hero piece should. Below are some of my favorite 2014 necklace trends that refuse to surrender to even the most lifeless ensembles…

Outfit 1 (2)Photo 4silk blouse – J.Crew, linen Skirt – J.Crew, blazer – LC Lauren Conrad, starfish necklace – New Directions, handbag – Ted Bakerheart bracelet – LC Lauren Conrad, heels – LuLu*s

Outfit 2 (3)Outfit 2 (2)

sweater – J.Crew, skirt – J.Crew, heels – ShoeMint, oval necklace – Anna & Ava, fringe necklace – Erica Lyons, clutch – Francesca’s

Geometric Necklaces

1. Monarch Wing Collar, $44
2. Jules Smith Jewel Necklace, $115
3. Tory Burch Short Necklace, $350

Primary Colors

1. BaubleBar Braided Strands, $36
2. ModCloth Campfire Necklace, $29.99
3. Moon and Lula Monogram Pendant, $98

Ocean Inspired

 Ocean Inspired

1. Coral Branch Necklace, $40
2. Heirloom Coral Statement Necklace, $168
3. Starfish Statement Necklace, $105

Classic Crystal


1. Kate Spade Capri Garden Necklace, $148
2. J.Crew Nine-Stone Crystal Necklace, $88
3. Mint Crystal Bib Necklace, $19


Which of these spring necklace trends is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

P.S. For more statement necklace styling inspiration, check out my other spring outfits here and here.

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