Years ago, if someone were to tell me that there was one single product that solved dozens of health and beauty woes, I most likely wouldn’t have believed them. One product that you can use to cook, moisturize your hair, remove your makeup, and hydrate your skin? Not possible, I would have thought. However, this little miracle does exist. And, unlike many fancy beauty and cooking products out there, it is free of chemicals and 100 percent natural. This wonder is none other than coconut oil.

I use coconut oil every day on my skin, my hair, and even in the kitchen. In fact, most of the time when a friend comes to me asking for a quick fix for a beauty or skin problem, my answer is “just put some coconut oil on it.” Now that you know a little bit about my obsession with coconut oil, today I’m going to share five ways you can incorporate it into your own lifestyle…

  1. Face and Body Moisturizer
    If you rub a little bit of coconut oil between your hands, you will immediately notice how incredibly moisturizing it feels on your skin. As a face and body moisturizer, coconut oil is much more hydrating than average store-bought lotions because the oil penetrates deep layers of the skin and actually helps to strengthen underlying tissues (Huffington Post). It will also help remove dead skin cells, removing any rough or flaky texture from your skin’s surface and giving you a full body glow. You can use coconut oil as a moisturizer for your entire face, but I like to put it under my eyes and on my lips before bedtime. For my body, I mix equal parts coconut oil and body lotion together to create an ultra hydrating cream, and I apply it right when I get out of the shower. You can also add essential oils like lavender or vanilla to scent your oil, but many people love the natural, tropical scent as it is. The best part about this oil is that it will absorb into your skin without feeling oily or greasy.
  1. Hair Mask
    Just as coconut oil works wonder for your skin, it will also give your hair a silky texture and tons of shine. I use coconut oil as a hair mask at night after I’ve washed my hair. Simply heat up about 3 to 5 tablespoons of coconut oil in the microwave, so that it’s a warm liquid. Then, after it has cooled, apply it to your hair as you would any hair mask. Put on a plastic shower cap or wrap an old T-shirt around your head, and leave the oil in while you sleep. When you wake up, wash your hair and discover your best hair day yet. You can thank me later.Note: Unlike store-bought hair masks, coconut oil is all natural and great for your skin. So, if a little bit happens to rub off onto your pillow while you’re sleeping, you don’t have to worry about dealing with clogged pores or a breakout the next day.
  2. Makeup Remover
    One of my favorite uses for coconut oil that I discovered all on my own is it’s gentle power to remove makeup. I was applying a bit under my eyes one night before bed, and I noticed that it was easily removing some extra mascara that hadn’t washed off with my face wash. Now, before I wash my face, I use my finger to gently rub downward on my eyes and eyelashes to remove my eye makeup from the day.Tip: Leaving a little oil on the base of your eyelashes can actually help them grow a bit, so it’s ok if you don’t rinse it all completely off afterwards.
  1. Cooking Oil
    Coconut oil is also one of the healthiest oils to use when cooking. Our favorite nutritionist Shira Lenchewski, RD., explains that unlike animal fats, which are made up of long chain triglycerides (LCT), coconut oil is made up of medium chain triglycerides (MCT). MCTs are metabolized more rapidly in the body than LCTs, so there’s increased fat burning potential. Many healthy oils (like olive and flax) break down into harmful compounds when heated to their “smoke-point.” But coconut oil remains stable at higher temperatures, so it’s a great option for stir-frying and pan-searing.  For cooking, Shira recommends using unrefined coconut oil, also called raw or virgin.
  1. Baking Ingredient
    Coconut oil is a great ingredient to have in the pantry if you love baking. Shira says that because coconut oil is a saturated fat, it’s a great substitute for butter in baked goods. Saturated fats are the typical fat of choice in baking, due to their favorable effects on texture. And while saturated fats don’t have the same beneficial effect on good cholesterol as mono- and polyunsaturated oils, they do play a role in various brain and body functions, explains Shira.

Always buy unrefined, extra virgin coconut oil, since it goes through the least process and is closest to its natural state. For cooking, make sure your coconut oil indicates that it can stand high-heat, not just medium heat.

I also take a coconut oil supplement with my daily vitamins to make my hair shiny and my skin blemish-free. And I’ve been using coconut oil to experiment with oil pulling. I’ve been trying it for the past two weeks, so I’ll be sharing my results here on in the coming weeks…stay tuned!

Do you have one favorite multi-purpose product you swear by?

Tell me about it in the comments below.

Team LC


Sources: Huffington Post, Shira Lenchewski, RD
  • Leah Mitchell
  • Leah Mitchell

    I do the same thing but with sea salt, as brown sugar is just white sugar loaded with molasses, which causes major breakouts.

  • Leah Mitchell

    Rice krispy treats! Yeah, not the healthiest of snacks but you can substitute the butter for coconut oil, which makes a great dairy-free alternative and they taste so much better with coconut oil!

    1/4 cup Coconut Oil
    1 10.5 oz bag marshmallows
    5 cups Rice Krispie Cereal

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  • Hello! First of all, thank you for sharing this informative article. Coconut oil is most beneficial when used every day. it’s used as ingredient in many skin care products, hair treatments, body location and creams.

  • socialx

    That is literally impossible -__-

    For scientist to prove that (“only” lol), scientist would have to rule out every other option.
    There is potentially an infinite number of options to rule out.
    So, it can’t be done.

    It would’ve been more effective to mention that rogaine was most effective out of a group of options….Or site something that spoke on the effectiveness of coconut oil, or coconut oil compared to rogaine.

    … 😀

  • Coconut oil is most beneficial when used every day in my experience. It is a natural product that helps with ingrown hairs and you can use to whiten your teeth.

  • Thanks for your informative post. Coconut oil is helps the ingrown hairs. It is a natural exfoliant. It is also one of the healthiest oils to use when cooking.

  • So if there is no proof how can you then state that science has PROVEN that only Rogaine grows hair? Castor oil > various ethnicities,( particularly those who tend to stick wit natural products) have proof that it stimulates hair growth.and.promotes thickness. Tell science to disprove that or shutty.

    And based on your negative experience with coconut oil, I’d say your post is really just sour grapes. So it didn’t work for you…quit trying to pour cold water on everybody else’s positive experiences

  • Oh dear…coconut milk doesn’t “put fat” on anyone unless they are a glutton chugging down gallons of the stuff. I live in the tropics and use coconut.milk weekly for.various recipes. Our weight remains the same. It makes a nice scrub&mask with cinnamon powder or grinded cinnamon sticks.the treatment plumps and softens the skin.

  • a few seconds ago
    Oh dear…coconut milk doesn’t “put fat” on anyone unless they are a glutton chugging down gallons of the stuff. I live in the tropics and use coconut.milk weekly for.various recipes. Our weight remains the same. It makes a nice scrub&mask with cinnamon powder or grinded cinnamon sticks.the treatment plumps and softens the skin.

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