Letter from Lauren: Work It

Letter from Lauren: Work It
April is finally upon us, and you know what that means: It’s time to work it, ladies. The content you’ll be seeing on LaurenConrad.com this month is centered around the working girl, which is a theme that is very important to me. Personally, I tend to think in an entrepreneurial mindset most of the time, as I own several of my own businesses. From
The Little Market to Paper Crown to LaurenConrad.com, it’s no surprise that I actually get a thrill out of starting new business ventures from the ground up. But whether I’m heading up my own projects or working with other companies that share my vision (like Kohl’s and XO(eco) Blue Avocado), I consider professionalism, leadership, and office etiquette three of the most important qualities every woman should possess.

This month, my team and I will teach you a few of the tricks we’ve learned throughout our own business ventures. Here on the site, we’ll discuss everything from email etiquette to what you should keep off of your social media if you’re trying to get a job. Be sure to expect plenty of fashion and beauty tips to try in the office as well. On another note, you can also expect posts about festival fashion, spring diet and fitness tips, and (get excited) my top 10 secrets for how to take the perfect Instagram photo. April, you’re looking good.

Do you have any blog requests you would like to see me write about this month?

Leave your ideas in the comments below!

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