If you’re shipping off to Coachella or another music festival this month, the last thing you want to do is bring a week’s worth of clothing in a giant rolling suitcase. When I’ve attended music festivals in the past, I try to pack as lightly as possible to make traveling easy. So today I thought I’d show you how I pack a weekender when I’m traveling light. As you might expect, it’s all about mixing and matching a few key pieces. If you have any music festivals on your calendar, you’ll definitely want to take note. But these packing suggestions also work well for any weekend trip or quick spring getaway…

The pieces:

Festival Fashion: How to Pack Like a Pro

1. Sundress. A sundress is great for packing light because it doesn’t take up much room and it’s an instant outfit in one piece. Pick a material that doesn’t wrinkle, and you can roll it up to make it even more compact.

2. Shorts. Bring your most versatile pair of denim shorts and you can wear them with a couple different tops during your trip.

3. Crop top. A music festival is the perfect opportunity to try out the crop top trend. Plus, it’s as compact as it gets for packing purposes.

4. Tank or tee. Choose a basic tank or tee that will go with your same pair of shorts as the crop top.

5. Boyfriend cardigan. You’ll definitely want to pack a versatile jacket or sweater for chilly desert nights. A lightweight cardigan is a smart pick because it looks great layered over a sundress or with shorts and a tee.

6. Sandals. For music festivals, I pack flat sandals that are for comfortable standing all day and hardly take up any room in my suitcase.

7. Ankle booties. While you can get away with just wearing one pair of shoes all weekend. But I’ve found that if I roll up my socks and undies inside my booties, they don’t take up too much extra space. And it’s always nice to have an extra shoe option.

The Outfits:

 Festival Fashion: How to Pack Like a ProFestival Fashion: How to Pack Like a ProFestival Fashion: How to Pack Like a Pro

There you have it! Three days of outfits that you can easily fit in a small weekender bag. Plus, you should have plenty of room for sunglasses, flower crowns, and other fun festival accessories.

Another tip: Make sure that all your pieces fit within the same color palette. (In this case, I chose mostly pastels and denim.) That way you can mix and match easily, allowing you to repeat pieces during the long weekend.

Do you have any music festivals coming up?

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XO Lauren