Beauty School: Easy Office Beauty

They say to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. In the workplace, looking polished and put-together is almost as important as the work you do. Think of it this way; even if you’re producing great work, showing up in sweatpants can give your coworkers and superiors a false impression of the effort you put into your job.

The same goes for makeup (along with your wardrobe). Your beauty routine says a lot about your taste, time management skills, and judgment. But while it’s important to put some effort into your look each morning, you also don’t want to look like you spend more time primping than you do working. Let’s just say that balance is key… So, to make things a bit clearer, I put together a list of tips for perfecting your office beauty routine.

From your hair to your nails (and everything in between), here’s what you should keep in mind about workplace beauty:


On days when you don’t have time to style (or even wash your hair), make use of the ballerina bun. This look is sleek and professional without taking too much effort in the morning. Braids, fishtails, and polished ponytails are also your friend. Also, always be sure to dry your hair on mornings that you do wash it. Just as noticeably unwashed hair can leave a bad impression, soaking wet hair says that you were probably rushing out the door that morning—which is a sign of poor time management skills.


Badly chipped nail polish could come off as a sign of sloppiness to your boss or officemates. So if your polish is starting to chip, spend the three minutes it takes to remove your polish before heading into the office. Clean, bare nails are always better than a messy mani. Additionally, if you spend your day typing, it’s best to keep your nails short. The sound of long acrylics clacking on the keyboard may start to annoy your coworkers after a day or two.


The office is no place for a dramatic smoky eye or a sparkly shadow. Instead, keep your eye makeup simple by swiping a little liquid liner or a neutral shadow on your lid. If you are prone to smudging your eye makeup, choose a waterproof formula to avoid dreaded raccoon eyes.


Wearing a little lipstick is a good trick for making yourself look instantly put-together. As long as the rest of your makeup is kept very simple, it’s perfectly appropriate to don a bold red or a playful pink lip. Keeping it simple with lip-gloss or balm is also a fine idea.


When it comes to perfume, be sensitive to your coworkers who are sitting around you, and spray conservatively. Especially if you sit in an open office space, keep in mind that those around you may not like the same scents, or even have allergies to certain fragrances. And remember: If you’re in need of a little midday spritz, it’s always best to do it in the bathroom—not at your desk.

There you have it! Another good tip is to always keep a small pouch with your beauty essentials on hand. Nothing too crazy, but some lipstick, deodorant, powder or blotting tissues, and a mini brush should do the trick. You never know when your makeup will need a little touchup.

What does your daily office beauty routine look like? Do you have any other good tips that I forgot?

Share them in the comments.

xo Ilana
Team LC