Beauty Note: Pretty in Purple

Lauren Conrad's pretty purple hair

As I’ve mentioned before, I keep temporary pink hair dye in my shower for whenever I’m in the mood for a fun beauty look. Sometimes on a Friday I’ll work some pink dye into my mane and enjoy pink-tipped tresses until Monday when I wash my hair again. It’s a fun off-duty look for the weekend.

But this time, I decided to take the plunge and try a semi-permanent color. This one stays in for 6 to 8 weeks before washing out. I really didn’t think that purple was my color, but after seeing several others wear it recently, I decided to give it a try. I also tested out the dye on a small section of hair underneath, before coloring my whole mane—which I always recommend. It just goes to show that you should never knock a trend until you try it…

UPDATE: Happy April Fool’s Day everyone! I tricked you yesterday with a photoshopped snapshot of my mane. I’m not sure that I’m really ready for purple tresses yet!

What do you think of my purple locks? Would you ever dye your hair a pastel shade?

Let me know below!

XO Lauren

Photo: Lauren Conrad
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  • Brodi

    If anyone can pull this look off its you! You are my fav:)

  • Sofie Christiaens

    April’s fool? 😉

  • Korinda W.

    You mentioned in your book ‘Style’ that purple isn’t your color, but this looks actually good on you! I’m not going to try it however. My hair is probably too dark!

  • Linda

    Love this color! I would LOVE to dye my hair a pastel color but I’m just not brave enough :(

  • Shari

    Awesome!! I think it suits you pretty well LC!

  • BerryBloomXO

    You look pretty cool in purple – that’s quite brave for 6-8 weeks…. like the comment before me, I ask: April’s Fool??!!


  • Vicky Fernández

    love this colour, you look amazing! great change! :)


  • sofia

    i think it looks cool on you bu would it would it work on darker people who are tan?

  • Danielle Davis

    I think it looks pretty! Very fairytale-esque :)


    Smitten with Sunday

  • Kelly

    So pretty Lauren :)

  • Much More Than Words

    I think it’s a April’s Foll :)


  • Brittany

    i LOVE it!!! but yes, like the others are asking…is this April Fools? if not, still love!! :)

  • Victoria Mazzarolo

    it looks good but purple stands out so much and I don’t know that I could handle the whispers about my hair being purple. But i would love to put some pink in my hair.. im blonde so i think it will look cute too! but STILL GORGGG LAUREN!

  • Br1514cr

    looks beautiful Lauren!!! hope you dare to do it but i guess this is an april’s fool xD

  • Lauren J

    Maybe a red shade color would have been better :)

  • mandy

    Looks great!

  • Lisa

    OMG you look amaaazing!

  • He Calls Me Grace

    Looks good! One of thpse surprising colors. Wish I was thatbrave! I just tried to lighten my hair at home but it turned redish…:(

  • Amberb

    It looks amazing!!!!

  • Zory Hurtado


  • AlisParovel

    It’s strange but you look amazing as always! ❤️

  • Carolina

    you look beautiful no matter what.. but I do belive this color on your hair ages your look at least it does in this pic. Love you LC! XOXO

  • syntaxeyes

    Wow, you are gorgeous in that color!

  • Patrick

    APRIL FOOLS! She has already stated that she is not a fan of the Purple hair :p jaja

  • Diana Ho

    April Fools or not, it looks amazing! So jealous of blondies who don’t have to bleach their hair to use purple dye.


    • Karen Tolosa


  • Elle

    You always look beautiful, but to be honest, I’m not crazy about the purple on anyone. It borders too much on looking gray. I much prefer pink.
    However, I’m still not 100% convinced…April Fools?

  • Aly

    What brand of color do you use for the semi-permanent? Also what brand do you keep in your shower for the pink? I just dyed my hair light pink and LOVE it. Purple is next!

  • Rachel

    I’m guessing this is an April Fool’s joke, but either way it still looks great! Let’s face it, Lauren could pull off anything!

  • TefiiRS

    You are beautiful your new look is cool and original

  • Rika Soeharjono

    It most probably is an April Fool’s joke, but it’s gorgeous anyway! Such a fun, light, springtime colour!

  • Katelin

    I am in love with the pastel purple shade celebs keep rocking in their hair! I think it makes a statement but its not in your face tacky. I hope it is not an April Fool’s because I love that!

  • Petra

    Definitely april, april joke 😉

  • Ashley

    Well you always look good, but I’d say natural hair colors are better suited for you and the LC brand. :) Best, Ashley @

  • Camille R. Almeida

    This purple looks so good on you! :) I’d definitely dye in pink!

    Love, Cami
    xx –

  • rania

    amazing i love it

  • Shannon Witte

    This would make a great April Fools joke, but regardless I actually love it. Light purple suits you. :)

  • Bree

    It looks grey

  • Agoprime

    wonderful color!

  • Marie

    I honestly like it! It’s beautiful!

  • Nicole Quaste

    I do sometimes think it looks a little grey, but if anyone in the world can pull it off, it’s you.

  • Dewi

    Wow it looks good on you! ^^ |I also want to try a new hair colour.
    But is it a joke? hope it isn’t ;)!


  • Whitney @ To Live & Diet in L.

    I’m calling an April Fool’s on this one, but you do look pretty gorgeous in violet!!!

    xo – Whitney @ To Live & Diet in L.A.

  • mhulgrave

    I LOVE IT!

  • Lauren

    I really love this color on you! I would rock it if I wasn’t job hunting for office jobs right now!

  • Carolyn Thombs

    absolutely love love love

  • Susie

    Love love love!!!!! What dye did you use?

  • Rhea X

    It looks cute. I’ve been meaning to try a very light pale color, don’t know if I’ll ever go through. For now I’ll just stick to makeup.:)

  • Sian Holt

    Hii :)
    Can anyone tell me how I can achieve this look? I have a pretty similar hair colour to Lauren’s original colour and I have always wanted to go pink/lilac, but I don’t want to ruin my hair by having to bleach it first (to make it lighter)? Does anyone know how I can do it? Or what I can use? I love all the different colours coming through in Lauren’s hair and this is exactly how I want mine!? Can anyone help me please? Or have any recommendations on dye/products I can use?
    Thanks, Sian :) xox

    • Lisabeth

      There’s no other way than bleaching it, because it won’t turn out so vibrant and pastel. There’s also a chance that it will look muddy or just gray. If you want to do it anyway, mix purple dye with conditioner, equal parts or alter it if you want a lighter/darker color.

      • Sian Holt

        Thank you! Id love to know how/what Lauren used! There is so many different colour tones to her hair.. Where as I thought if you bleach you hair it pretty much all goes one (similar) colour? (Unless this really is photoshopped!) Ahhhhhh I need this hair!!!

        • Alanna

          A few years ago she did a post on the “temporary pink” look, and for that she noted Davines “alchemic conditioner” in the red color. I used it and loved it for my similar colored to lauren’s blonde hair. I have wanted to try purple for a while and hoped Davines would have a similar conditioner to the one that made my hair perfectly pink. They don’t have one, but they do carry “a new color” in violet, a semi-permanent color which says it will last 6-8 weeks. This could be what she used if the pic is not in fact photoshopped!!

          • c

            Davines A New Color is awesome!!

        • MrsC

          If you highlight your hair, rather than simply trowel bleach on across the whole thing, not only do you benefit from more discreet root regrowth, but you also get these tonal variations when you use a pastel colour… I use Crazy Colour’s Platinum and get a shade similar to this–leaving it on for a couple of hours rather than the recommended half! (It’s a stain, not a dye, so there’ll be no damage done.)

    • pollypatron

      Use pure hydrogen peroxide to lighten the hair. Do this every day until you get the tone you want. Deep condition your hair right after, though.

    • Monica

      Bumble and Bumble has a spray chalk for your hair in Lavender. It stays in till you wash it.

  • Katie Logsdon


  • Maria Vargas

    Undecided. It looks ok, but it makes you look older at a glance. If it makes you feel good then go for it.

  • Camille Beygui

    This looks amazing but I would never do it


  • toririess

    What type of hair dye was used? I absolutely love this and I am really eager to try it out….but with blonde locks I don’t want it turing out too purple!

  • CACI

    Not workin for me. Looks grey.

  • Guest

    Lauren please tell me this is a joke…….you would not do this with your wedding coming up.

  • Cynthia

    you’re so beautiful with it :)
    I’ve been planning to make purple hair, now.. I’m sure I’ll make it! :-)

  • Logan Hermanson

    I’m not sure if this is an April Fool’s day joke, but if it isn’t you still rock that color just as good as any :)
    xox Logan

  • Tori Simpson

    Love it! You should totally post about the temporary dye products you use. If I’m to trust anyone on the matter, it’d be you. I’ve heard some claim to be temporary, but don’t completely come out.

  • Sarah

    Very pretty! I wish I had the confidence to do this myself!


  • Melissa Pickering

    Looks amazing!

  • Taylor

    I don’t know if this is an April Fool’s joke or not, but I love the lavender hair trend. It is one of my favorite colors after all.

  • Jacqueline O.

    i really like the lavender look. it looks so pretty on you :)

    xo jac

  • The Nude Face

    Lauren, Did you receive The Nude Face hand beaded mini skirt you chose?

  • Trista
  • Samantha

    Love it!!!!! I always liked the darker purple look but I really love the pastel color!

  • Shelby

    Whether or not this is an April Fool’s joke, Lauren, you look fabulous with lilac hair! It really complements your somewhat fairer complexion!

  • Elise Couture

    Everything looks gorgeous on you, but I’m not that brave. I love my blonde. April fools?

  • VeronicaO

    I thibk you look great, I have dark brown hair so I can never do these fun things ): !

  • Tilo

    I hope it’s not an April’s fool because I really like this colour on you! :-)

  • Emma Fox

    I actually wouldn’t have thought this was an Aprils Fools joke at first but after seeing the comments I can definitely agree lol. Gotta love a fun change tho if it isn’t a joke.

  • Ashley

    Ok I’m with everyone else on this… you DO look gorgeous in the above picture, BUT I think you’re fooling us, Ms. Conrad, soon to be Mrs. :)

    My giveaway ending Friday:

  • Jayme

    April Fools!

  • Obbsandlala

    Ooooh the photoshop was soooo close, it was almost believable!

  • Caitlin

    You mentioned you use temporary pink dye frequently? What kind do you use and is it easy to wash out?


  • EmilyV

    I think it looks very Rocker chic!

  • Heather P.

    I’m pretty sure this is an April Fool’s joke, but to be honest, it looks alright on you! Kelly Osbourne rounded up another member of the Lilac Club!

  • Katlyn Wallace

    Love it Lauren! I recently did a purple ombré and loved it! So proud u did it! :)

  • Athaliah Walcott

    I think its super. That’s when you know you’re your own self. Do what you like to do.
    I love it because its bold in character. Go Lauren!!!!

  • nicole

    Not my favorite!

  • Jaimee

    Definite April Fools.. almost had me tricked! Looks beautiful regardless!

  • brooke

    so love it!! wish I had blond hair so that I could easily do this!!

  • Taynia Dejesus

    I like the color on her. She looks amazing no matter what

  • Amanda

    ♡♡♡you make it work!

  • Brittany Nicole

    feeling meh…however you can pull it off

  • Bethany Tucker

    I don’t think i could pull off a pastel look as my hair is very dark. Cheers to you for going for it though!

  • Olivia Marrgaret

    I literally JUST dyed my hair like 3 hours ago! Same shade too! (freaky)

  • Samantha Kay

    I just posted about the purple trend on my blog and now Miss Lauren Conrad herself is rocking it. Whoa.

  • lisa robb

    That’s amazing looking.
    L x

  • Vanessa

    There once was a older lady who always dyed her hair purple… I used to tell myself someday when my grays start to show up, I would definitely do the same. I think it’s about about time… Looks great!

  • Christina

    It’s great…:) I love purple on hair…I have my hair purple but in a darker shade…Purple looks great with white skin…:D

  • haley

    I love the purple hair!

  • Julie Lund

    Love this trend, so pretty <3

  • bcrosby17

    LOVE IT! You mentioned you use temporary pink dye frequently? What kind do you use and is it easy to wash out? I’d like to do a temporary purple color like this!

  • Carmen

    I think that you can soo pull it off

  • Gypsy

    april fools or not you still look lovely

  • Jensue

    Beautiful ! I love this trend !

  • Amanda

    Lauren u know the answer angel,,, your right always,,,,

  • Cassie Holmes

    Well played…I think it looks cool. :)

  • Cheri Armour

    I love those purple locks and I totally wish that my hair wasn’t so dark so I could color it without seriously damaging it. Love it!

  • RickyZaZu

    I LOOOOOOVE it, I have no problem with people who are they own boss and decide to take a step outside their comfort zone for once in a while. XO!

  • Jessica

    It looks good on you and not too eccentric, purple can be a color on your hair that can bring too much attention, and yes I am getting into try new things on myself, change can be good!

  • Syd

    I’m honestly over this pastel hair trend, but it looks super easy going on you, I don’t think I could pull it off myself

  • Sabrina

    Anything on LC is going to be great

  • Babysaba

    I think purple is an amazing choice as it’s different and not often done , I’m a brunette and went bright purple and apart for the upkeep I loved it and looked super fresh and cool xo

  • Andrea van Rijsewijk

    I don’t like it =(!

  • Francisc

    This looks really stunning! Great hair color!

  • Nora Spaulding

    honest i love it! its gorgeous shade on your for 6-8 weeks, then it can wash out… you’re so naturally beautiful <3

  • Cara

    Love love love!!!! This makes me want to try it even more now!

  • Sebe

    What about the carpet?

  • LollyJean

    My hair is pretty purple! I LOVE it!!

  • Hanna

    I think it looks amazing! Do it!

  • kasha

    Looks gorgeous though

  • Romina


  • Annette falt

    I was thinking is she going crazy! Hahahaha, good April fools 😀

  • michelle woodstock

    What did you use for your hair, I would love to do this to mine!!!

  • mike

    you’d looks beautiful in it anyway

  • Amber Naomi

    I agree with diana! Even though it is an april fools joke, it definitely suits you!

  • Nicole Smith

    It actually looks really good on you, Lauren! You should do it haha. I’ve dyed my hair a dark purple and then I did red before.

  • Heather Wilson

    I think it looks amazing! I would love to just add some wash-in pink to my platinum hair and not worry about it sticking around when Monday work-day comes along….

  • Sarah-Jane Dale

    you would have so suited the lilac locks, could be a possible look in the future xxx


  • Ellie

    That’s kesha’$ look, I think you look gorgeous as you are!

  • Daniella

    It actually suits you, pity it was only a joke! I’m loving this trend but sadly don’t think I could pull it off!

  • Charles Flint

    I found this to be real inspiring and quite a creative idea of purple dyed hair color, sounds amaizing.

  • vivz

    I’m waiting for the day when I have a job that allows me to have any colour hair i want! as soon as that day comes I will be dying my hair a lavender/pastel purple! something i’m really itching to do

  • Sarah Lee

    As soon as I’m back to my natrual blond tresses I am trying pastel! its a cute and fun way to bring some color to your look

  • Ashley

    I had some awesome looking hair that was pink in the lowermost layer, then purple in the middle, and black on top. Looked excellent! However, the amount of upkeep on the purple and black was atrocious. Weekly re-dyes for the purple, and after about 3 1/2 weeks, the black looked more of an ashy brown. Awful! The only portion that help was the pink, which got really old, really quick. I pretty much don’t recommend going through the hair trauma of bleaching your hair to do the wild colors, unless you’re going to stick with it for a while. In which case, find the most top quality color product! Most likely imported, lol!

  • Jacqueline Jax

    I haven’t tried the colorful hair weekend but I do love colorful clothing. Spring is my favorite time of year. If you love Spring dresses as much as I do, you’ll enjoy this video that I just created. Come by and tell me which dress is your favorite. Mine is the Hawaiian green. It’s so cute. Xoxox, BLONDi

  • Danielle Becker

    Although it was just an April Fool’s joke, I thought it was quite a coincidence, because I was just thinking about adding a little purple to my hair. I would probably never actually do it, but the color purple really does bring out the color green–for those of us who have green eyes. Plus, I have natural (dyed once 3 years ago) blonde hair, so the color would probably come out well…. I kind of want to try it!

  • sandra

    you look amazing! but im confused is that a pink or a purple,regardless you look beautiful

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  • Hans Peterson

    A temporary pink or purple dye is great for a fun weekend look. I would definitely use keratin infused products on my hair before doing this to avoid any damage and keep hair healthy.

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  • Sunny Faith

    I like the pale colors of hair. I don’t know if I would do the purple, but I sure love the soft rose pink colors nowadays. I’m 62 years old, so I can do what ever I want with my hair at this age. Yeah!

  • Katie

    I had a little “uh oh” last week while dying my own hair… the toner I used, stained my bleached hair..PURPLE! I was freaking out at first.. but after a few glances in the mirror, I kinda started to like it. I kept it for a few days and it slowly started fading away with every wash. I might try my “uh oh” one more time when I want to add something a little different to my look!:)

  • Jill Schneider

    haha i like the purple it is fun! check out this awesome hair product line, I’m obsessed ! figured I would share something I love with everyone on here!

  • staceybeck01

    I just dyed my hair purple and it’s so fun. I think some people look at me like I’m crazy but it’s just a nice change. Just like Lauren Conrad I’m still a girly girl, I’m still me I just have purple hair. I’m not all of a sudden going goth or punk. I’m glad Lauren does it to show that it can be pretty.

  • Busola Coutts

    It is pretty daring and good for you to go with your guts. I think it is done moderately and with some subtlety. If i ever dye my hair i’ll probably go auburn first before purple :). Your hair is beautiful.

  • Nicole Malik


  • faith

    ur hair looks amazing.. i’ve had a bit of a hair journey… hope you like it

  • Amanda

    I’d like to know what would be the best product to achieve this color? I’m guessing it’s a level ten, but what tone???

  • mel

    this is the colour i want to do my hair but to scared did it fully wash out ?

  • Pink Hornet

    I did. I had ombre salmon pink ends done with Wella Instamatic colour and I loved it.
    Thinking about doing it again.

  • Emily

    I should have tried this hair color a few years back. I guess it also goes with the age. Now I am more of using ash brown or dark brown. For more ideas on what color goes with purple check this site

  • Liz

    gaaaa I cant believe I fell for that XD looks good anyway 😛 something like manic panics virgin snow could get that effect



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