Tuesday Ten: Powerful Food Combos

Tuesday Ten: Powerful Food CombosAn obvious sign of two people being in a working, healthy relationship is when the relationship brings out the best in each person. They, in fact, become better versions of themselves. But did you know that the same can be said about some of your favorite foods, too? Before you scratch your head in confusion, let me explain…

Certain foods are meant to be eaten together to bring out their nutritional benefits in the best way possible. According to our LaurenConrad.com nutrition expert Shira Lenchewski, RD, the term “bioavailability” is a fancy word used to describe how easily a nutrient is broken down, absorbed and utilized by the body. Foods can work together to enhance this bioavailability, allow nutrients to become more powerful and efficient in our bodies. Today I will be sharing 10 food combinations that are better when eaten together. Just think of them as extremely healthy relationships that do a body good.

Click through the slideshow below and keep this list in mind the next time you’re at the grocery store or preparing your a meal…

Tuesday Ten: Powerful Food Combos

  1. Tomatoes + Avocados
    Why do tomatoes go so well with guacamole (besides tasting great, of course)? Tomatoes are rich in a cancer-preventing antioxidant called lycopene, which makes them what we call a “carotenoid.” And healthy fats, like the ones found in avocados, are able to basically pick up carotenoids from the stomach and disperse them throughout the body. This cancer-fighting combo goes great in a big colorful salad like this one, so eat up.
    Tuesday Ten: Powerful Food Combos
  2. Sweet Potato + Coconut Oil
    Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamin A, which plays a key role in maintaining healthy skin and hair. Shira says, “Vitamin A is absorbed more readily when paired with a fat source like coconut oil.” Cook up baked sweet potatoes fries using coconut oil and you’ll be glowing in no time.
    Tuesday Ten: Powerful Food Combos
  3. Oatmeal + Peanut Butter
    This combination of complex carbs and healthy fats is great for breakfast, or as fuel for an endurance workout. The complex carbs from the oatmeal keep you going, and the fats from the peanut butter help stabilize blood sugar. Talk about a breakfast of champions.
    Tuesday Ten: Powerful Food Combos
  4. Apples + Chocolate
    Chocolate lovers…rejoice! Apples and chocolate go so well together because they each contain flavonoids that, when combined, improve cardiovascular health. Raspberries can be substituted for apples in this case, so keep this sweet fact in mind the next time you’re debating whether or not to indulge in dessert (hint: the answer is yes).
    Tuesday Ten: Powerful Food Combos
  5. Black Beans + Lime
    According to Shira, citrus fruits like lime provide high levels of vitamin C, which makes the plant-based iron in foods like black beans easier for your body to use. The moral of the story? Order your tacos with black beans and a hint of lime for healthy cells and lungs.
    Tuesday Ten: Powerful Food Combos
  6. Almonds + Yogurt
    Fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and E are activated and absorbed when eaten with healthy fats, like the ones found in almonds. Yogurt is a great source of Vitamin D, which helps repair and strengthen your bones. So tossing a few almonds in the next time you snack on yogurt will keep your bones stronger and healthier than ever before.
    Tuesday Ten: Powerful Food Combos
  7. Hard-Boiled Egg + Banana
    This pairing is the perfect afternoon-slump snack. The healthy sugars from the banana deliver a speedy energy boost, while the healthy fats and protein from the egg keep blood sugar levels from spiking.
    Tuesday Ten: Powerful Food Combos
  8. Lemon + Kale
    You will be pleased to learn that your favorite kale salad has probably been boosting your immunity and improving your muscle strength all this time. When you add a squeeze of lemon juice to leafy greens like kale, spinach and Swiss chard, it causes a chemical reaction in your body that helps absorb iron in those leafy greens, which will in turn stave off muscle fatigue. The next time you’re craving a salad post-workout, be sure to add a squeeze of lemon to your greens.
    Tuesday Ten: Powerful Food Combos
  9. Kombucha + Cashews
    Snacking on cashews is a great way to get a boost of protein and of zinc, which functions as an immune booster. And, according to Shira, studies show that fermented products like kombucha help improve the absorption of zinc in the gut. That makes this immune boosting combo an ideal snack on the go!
    Tuesday Ten: Powerful Food Combos
  10. Garlic + Fish
    It’s no surprise that these two flavors are a match made in heaven, and they’re heart-healthy too. Cooking fish with garlic enhances the cholesterol-reducing properties in fish oils more than if it’s prepared sans spices. And when these two are combined, the garlic can act as an anti-inflammatory agent, as well.

It’s pretty interesting how the foods that taste so great together are actually meant to be combined. Be sure to Pin the image above and pull it up the next time you’re planning out your weekly meals.

What’s your favorite of these powerful food combinations?

And thanks again to Shira for sharing her expert tips with us!

XO Lauren

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  • Jessie

    The egg and banana combination seems a bit strange to me but the rest all make sense and some of them I already use on a weekly basis.

    • Daniel Quintanilla

      Maybe mix a raw egg & banana in the Nutribullet with some cinnamon for taste, I see that working fine.

    • http://www.julietoscaryankee.com Julieta | Juliet Oscar Yankee

      You can make pancakes out of 1 banana & 2 eggs :) super easy! and top with some blueberries + honey yum!

    • http://norajuku.com Nora Sana Roussakis

      Since I eat mostly follow a Paleo diet and don’t eat grains (only sparingly) I love the combination of a hard-boiled egg and banana and have it every morning, along with some grapefruit! Check out this site that talks about its benefits: http://healthyeating.sfgate.com/hardboiled-egg-banana-healthy-breakfast-6088.html

  • Meghan

    I love these combos, will keep this in mind the next time I feel snackish.

    Meg | Meghan Silva’s Blog

  • Cassidy Short

    Great ideas, I never knew foods could be even healthier for you when combined, good to know! :)



  • Tereza

    Apples and chocolate is my favourite combo. Can’t go wrong either with tomatoes and avocados!


  • Bridgette

    I love whole wheat oatmeal and peanut butter. Yummm!

  • http://www.LynnChen.com/ Lynn Chen

    Oatmeal + peanut butter are the base of a few of my favorite recipes: http://theactorsdiet.com/2014/03/09/breakfast-hacks-for-buzzfeed/ but I had no idea about the sweet potato + coconut oil or apples + chocolate. This made my year.

  • http://sincerelymissashley.blogspot.ca/ Ashley

    I never would have thought to pair a banana and a hard boiled egg together!! Sounds yummy!

    xo Ash,
    Sincerely Miss Ash

  • Guest

    Yay! I love yogurt with fruit and almonds for breakfast! Great to know it helps my bones too!


  • Shelby

    Yay! Love almonds, fruit, and yogurt for breakfast! Great to know it helps my bones too!


  • http://stayathomewifey-lg.blogspot.ca/ Lauren

    I never thought of some of these combinations. Very interesting.


  • Tracy

    It all makes so much sense! Thanks!


  • Vicky Fernández

    Excelent combos! I love tomate+avocado, fish+garlic, black beans+lime, I love cooking and I don´t know the information about this healthy combinations! thanks for share! kisses from Argentina!


  • Ivo

    It’s interesting to see how some combos of foods bring us a lot benefits.
    Thanks to share.

  • Cindy Lyon
  • BerryBloomXO

    I really want to try kombucha! I love the combinations here, especially the apples and chocolate… duh! haha!



  • http://eyespaintedblack.com/ Natasja

    well, I eat garlic with every warm meal… score! I wonder to what extent these combo’s actually have an effect. Some combinations are rather odd, but why not give it a try.. it might be really tasty :-) which is also important!


  • http://www.smart-twenties.com/ Samantha Brown

    I eat some of these combinations all of the time – like avocado and tomato (yum) and oatmeal and peanut butter (my favourite!) I’d never heard of the apple and chocolate combo so I will definitely be giving that a try! I’m sure I’ll love it!

    I love all of the nutrition stuff on LC.com!

    Sam xx

  • Hailey Miller

    LOVE sweet potato fries & coconut oil…my favorite recipe here :) http://wellnesstoday.com/recipes/healthy-indulgence-sweet-potato-fries

  • http://dreamliveandrepeat.blogspot.com/ Ashley

    I love the picture at the top of this post, as well as the thought put into it! A lot of these foods already make sense to be paired together for taste purposes but it’s nice to know the benefits of particular pairings. Thanks!


  • Bianca

    A fact you might be interested in, the lycopene content in tomatoes is considerably more bioavailable when cooked in oil (a healthy oil of course such as coconut).
    Great post LC! Keep them coming!

  • http://www.impressionblend.com/ Marianna Neal

    I love this post!
    Funny thing, I actually had an egg and a banana for breakfast today :) I love the idea of putting sweet potatoes and coconut oil together – definitely going to try that out!

  • Cassie Tran

    My favorites are tomatoes and avocadoes, oatmeal with peanut butter, lime with black beans, almonds with yogurt (but I love it with any nut, really!), and garlic and fish!! I don’t eat them together but I ADORE eggs and bananas!

    • ClaraG

      Really?? You ADORE eggs?

  • Tamara Partridge

    I eat bananas and hard boiled eggs everyday. Usually at different times though. Good to know that I should be pairing them! Just had apples and chocolate as my afternoon snack and the eggs/banana combo will be in a couple hours! 😀

  • http://ashleymichelledaily.blogspot.com Ashley Michelle

    If you need more suggestions about meal prep, and an example of what a healthy daily menu looks like, check out this blog post by the amazing Laura Dean, who is an inspiring fitness guru!

    Ashley Michelle http://ashleymichelledaily.blogspot.com/2014/04/fit-happens-clean-eating-as-lifestyle.html

  • Morgan Ryan

    Super helpful, it’s interesting how the combo of certain foods can help your energy and decrease fatigue. Thanks, Lauren. Be sure to check out my blog!


  • Caroline Schurman-Grenier

    Need to add this to my list of go to healthy options! Thanks for posting xx


  • Karrie Leggett

    The tomatoes and avocado ! I love cooking brown rice, grilling chicken then adding tomatoes and avocado on top! Sooo good. When I’m feeling indulgent I add sour cream. YUM!

  • http://www.alkaway.com Ian Blair Hamilton

    Great post! Simple, graphic and fun. I never understood about the lemon on greens before!

  • Guntur Barlian Somalinggi

    Thanks for the Tips. for healthy food combo.


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