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Tone It UpWe’ll be sharing Tone It Up’s best fitness and healthy living tips in the beginning of every month. In today’s post, Karena and Katrina will be showing you their best ab workout routine to get your tummy ready for bikini season…

Tone It Up: The Best Ab Workout RoutineHey everyone, it’s Katrina and Karena here from Tone It Up! Today we have a treat for your abs. After testing what felt the best, what made us the most sore, and what delivered the fastest results, we came up with The Best Ab Workout Routine! We promise you’re going to love the way you feel after completing this routine.

Take a peek at The Best Ab Workout Routine below and be sure to pin it to your Pinterest so you can try it out the next time you’re working out…
Tone It Up: The Best Ab Workout RoutineWe also noticed that a lot of you were asking how much diet plays into having abs. Our advice is that abs are made during your workouts, but revealed when you maintain a healthy diet. Click here to check out our Tone It Up Nutrition Plan for plenty of good recipes that will go hand-in-hand with your workouts.

We hope this ab workout inspires you to get moving for spring!

What’s your favorite spring sweat?

XO Team LC

P.S. If you liked this ab workout, try doing it along with last month’s Love Your Body With Yoga routine.

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  • Hannah Burkhart

    Great advice! I will make sure to try this out.
    – Hannah @ thestylishrunner.weebly.com

  • hellooo katrina & Karena!
    It’s a great workout girls, I really felt better after doing it. I would say strengthening the core is the most important part of fitness plus little bit of running and stretching makes it better than before. I think your workouts are a mixture of everything. What about planks workout can you explain me! are they really beneficial or not? Nevertheless your burpees are really awesome they have improved my legs strength & upperbody…Now I canask my patients to try some of your workouts. Really thankful to you both for posting it. Keep posting & I’ll also be looking for your reply on planks…https://astra-hc.com/