This story is from our friends at Tone It UpWe’ll be sharing Tone It Up’s best fitness and healthy living tips in the beginning of every month. In today’s post, Karena and Katrina will be showing you how to get a lean, toned body by incorporating yoga into your workout…

Tone It Up: Love Your Body with Yoga

Hey everyone, it’s Katrina and Karena here from Tone It Up! Today we’re going to tell you a bit about our newest yoga routine and why it can do amazing things for your body. We love yoga for both the physical and mental benefits of the practice. This yoga routine is perfect way to start or end your day, and it’s also wonderful after any workout. It’s relaxing, grounding and will help clear your mind while strengthening your legs, arms, and core.

It’s time to lean out your body and tone your muscles! Follow along with Karena as she takes you through the best yoga moves to improve strength, balance and flexibility in the video below…

Perform this routine one time through each day.  If you’re a beginner to yoga, we highly recommend you go to a class or a studio near you…you may just fall in love.

We hope you feel amazing after this Love Your Body with Yoga routine!

Do you incorporate yoga into your regular fitness routine?

If yes, what’s your favorite stretch?

XO Team LC

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Photos: Tone It Up