Dear LC Readers,

It’s the girls from Skinny-Fat Girl Diary here, and we have wedding fever! It’s probably because we just came back from a beautiful weekend in Santa Barbara celebrating our Lauren of SGF’s Bachelorette party. It was so much fun…and healthy, too. Seriously, we had fresh pressed cucumber juice cocktails and made healthy Mexican entrées. We can’t help ourselves, healthy is just who we are!

4Y5A4301-2-2We rented an amazing Spanish Villa with a huge kitchen and incredible views. Having everyone cook together was kind of magical. 10 girls whipping up a meal really made a rental house a home. Since we were in a Spanish Villa (and Lauren drools anytime someone mentions chips and salsa), we made the entire bachelorette weekend a Mexican-themed affair. Low calorie enchiladas with guacamole were the fare. But, what really made this a memorable event, fabulous company excluded, was the décor…

Fiesta bacheloretteNeed some great ideas on how to make your bachelorette party pop? Today, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of our tips:

1.  Pick a color palette.
The rule of thumb is 60 percent of your main color, 30 percent complementary colors, and 10 percent accent color. Lately we’re loving metallic as an accent color.

2. Personalize it.
Nothing will make your guests feel more special than creating unique details just for them. So go ahead and add personal touches wherever you feel it’s appropriate!

3. Create stations or focal areas.
Your décor will make a bigger impression if it’s concentrated in specific areas, rather than sparsely strewn about. Don’t be afraid to move furniture around to make your vision happen.

The dinner table was our favorite area to decorate. We adorned our setting with old charger plates, sombrero name tags and drink labels, red napkins with mini maracas and tiny gold donkey figurines, a Mexican blanket table runner and, of course, the sombrero centerpiece. It really took the cake as far as conveying our fiesta theme.

4Y5A4250LaurenBach7LaurenBach12What kind of fiesta would it be without a metallic piñata and a photobooth? A photobooth is a fun activity to have at any gathering. Just set up a little sign so guests know where to take their photos, and place funny props and costumes in the area. The photos will captures memories you won’t ever forget.
Be the hostess with the moistest by thanking your guests for coming to celebrate the bride with little party favors. On the outside, these little gifts were decorated with piñata streamer details and “muchas gracias” tags with each guests’ name. Inside, each guest received a shot glass dipped in gold to remember the weekend.

And did we mention the Bachelorette Survival Kit decorated with a mustache to tie in with the theme? It came equipped with everything a girl needs on an end of the weekend recovery morning: a hair tie, Band-Aids, Advil, and chewing gum. More than a nice gesture, it was necessary come Sunday morning.

Our SFG Mexican fiesta was a huge success! We hope you had fun reading about our SFG bachelorette weekend. Just remember, party planning is all in the details!

What theme are you going to choose when hosting your next get-together?

Skinny-Fat Girl Diary


Photos: Skinny-Fat Girl Diary